Monday, May 28, 2007

Trampoline and more

I hope every ones Memorial Day went well. We didn't do anything too exciting. Yard work mostly...(groan) Oh, and Carole got hit by a football. Poor thing. She's lying down with a warm washcloth on her head right now. I gave her a freezing cold cloth before my mom told me the reason she may not like it is because it needs to be warm. lol....oops!

We also put up the trampoline. I worked sooooooooo hard on putting it up. I am aching all over! lol....Okay, so I may not be the most helpful person at those kind of things but, I was the faithful photographer! lol....Hey, I thought you guys may like seeing the process of putting up a trampoline. Although, you may have to wait because the computer does not seem to be cooperating with me tonight.

Oh, and just before I signed on to write this post there was this ugly spider on me. I am really freaking out! It could be anywhere. It was flicked off so it could be crawling on something or me again. (Shiver) I thought it was a tick (Our friendly neighbors this time of year) Ewww. I had a tick on me the other day. So creepy.

So anywho, I thought this ugly, disgusting, I think poisonous spider was a tick. If I stopped to think I would have realized that would have been one big tick! Even creepier. A tick full of blood ready to snatch my skin to get it's evil poison into my blood. Okay, so you may by now have realized I hate anything that crawls and creeps and attaches itself to me. Ewwww!!!

Well, yesterday we were getting ready to go to church. My dad turned the key and I started applying my lipstick when the engine wouldn't start. (That could be a problem if you want to go some where.) So, he tried again and again. Okay, so by the twentieth time it looked like we would be late for Sunday school. But the fiftieth time dad decided we would skip Sunday school and try for church.

So, I was able to catch up on my current novel I am reading and then the hour passed and the car still did not work. today we had it towed to the mechanics. Hopefully it will be fixed soon! Please pray for my car!

Well, I should sign off. I feel like something is crawling on me! Don't you hate that? Are you itching? lol...I know I am....ewww


Goldfish said...

LOL! I guess you aren't an outdoorsy person! :D Last night, there were so so so many mosquitoes (the state bird of ND :). So I know what you mean...! ;) If God ever called me to be a missionary in Africa, oh dear...! :D

Anonymous said...

You did make me itch. I actually don't mind tick and spiders that much. It has always been my job to take ticks off of our dogs. :)

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

I had a tick on me just earlier this evening!!!! Scared me to death to have Daddy pull it off of me!! AGH!!! :)