Thursday, May 24, 2007


Okay, I know I just wrote in this blog today. was told it was boring! So, I decided I would try again. I have mentioned before that I love to write so I am going to write you a story. It may be plain silly or funny. I won't know until I start writing. Yes, I have no clue what it will be about. Hopefully I will have some comments saying it's not boring! lol....

Moose What's The Big Deal?
This is based on a true story concerning what happens when a moose comes into our yard. Embellishing may occur. I am licenced to do so. I am a writer! lol...

The plush couch is sitting directly in front of the TV where Ginger is sitting fascinated with what she is watching. Carole her younger sister waltzes into the room and plops herself next to her sister. "Why are you watching this?" Ginger shrugs "I don't know. Nothing else is on and it keeps my attention." Carole fully turns her body to face Ginger. "Are you serious? How are the Muppet's keeping your attention? Those two old bald guys drives me insane."

Ginger laughs but quickly turns back to the show as a pirate takes Fozie Bear into his grasps. Carole rolls her eyes while she takes the remote out of her sister's hand. "Hey!" Ginger screeches. "You can't be serious. I can't watch another second of this." Carole says as she changes the channel. Ginger was just about to pounce on her sister when both girl's parents and younger brother tip toe into the room. Their eyes glittering with excitement as their dad whispers loudly. "There's a moose outside!"

Remote forgotten the girls look at each other and back at the three "nature lovers" at the door. "So?" Carole says rather loudly which is met by all three with their fingers to their mouths. "SHHHHHH!" A moment later the two sisters cave into their gales of laughter while the three stooges quietly walk outside.

You can hear the hooves (Or whatever you call moose feet) Stomping closer to the house. A moment later a women comes to the door.They think she is their mother but her voice sounds different almost like a whisper. "Carole, go get your sister's camera." Carole does what she is told but not without a snicker as she climbs the stairs.

Seconds later Carole comes back down the stairs Ginger's digital in her grasps. The rest of the family comes inside. "He crossed the street already." Dad says with disappointment in his eyes. Aaron runs to the window to see if he can see one last glimpse and Mom tells Carole she should leave the camera down stairs just in case the moose decides to come back...

In the woods.
"Did we loose them?" The moose looks behind the bushes. "I think so." The other moose shakes his head. "They were some big ones!" One of the older moose laughs. "I thought the old guy might have squished me if he got any closer." "When will they ever get used to us?" The younger moose asks. "When we get used to them." His dad replies. The older moose laughs even harder. "I guess then skipper, the answer will be never!"

lol...I hope that was more appealing than the names I will some day name my children and what I had for dinner! Also, I wanted to mention that this was all done in fun. My family is not offended by this ridiculous story!lol... Have a good night!


haert2home said...

So funny! It's almost as good as being there!! The Three Stooges reference was hysterical. I wouldn't say your "name" entry was boring. A bit lackluster, perhaps. I did notice that you did not mention Medusa. Hmmm.

Keep those stories comin'.

"Whatever you call moose feet." Priceless, I tell ya. Priceless.

Suzanne said...

I love the ending of your story. Having the moose start talking was very unexpected!

Mackenzie said...

Ok, you need to blog way more!! I've read this moose story 5 whole times already!! BLOG A NEW ONE!! I wanna see what's goin' on with Miss P!!!

Goldfish said...

I LOVE IT!!! :D I agree with Suzanne, I especially liked the end! :D :D Keep it up! ;)