Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just a quick reminder...

My "Three Years And Counting" posts have not stopped. However, I am not doing a "real" post tonight. Because I need to get to bed. Today was my mom's birthday so it was not a "normal" day (with a special dinner, cake and gifts. So fun.) and I just didn't have a time to "think" so this is my little "encouragement" post.

Read this post. And participate, if you would like no pressure here. And if you don't have a question or a comment stop in and say hello!

Right this moment my blog seems like an abandoned western city where those dust balls (Or whatever you call them) are rolling in the streets. :)

So after school tomorrow, or more like it after church tomorrow night when I log into my blog. Lets have lots of questions for me to answer waiting for me! :D Or at least a hellor or two! ;)

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Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

Just had to say good night!