Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I'm so tired. However, I really wanted to blog.

You know how it goes you are tired and don't feel like blogging so you don't blog for a week and then you finally blog and then don't blog again for a while..and so the story goes.

So I decided I would blog and break the tradition of not blogging just because I'm tired.

But I'm afraid I don't have much to blog about tonight.

But today I was thinking...

I can't believe it's already time to get ready for next school year, meeting new parents, and new students. UNBELIEVABLE!!! I had a meeting today for next school year...

And it's getting exciting thinking about a new year of school new adventures, new students, new ideas.

But, I guess I should first finish this school year before I think of next school year.

I think it's the perfect weather we have been having lately that is making me think ahead.

I'm already thinking of summer time, my 23rd birthday, Jeremy's first birthday, trips to my Mimi's, shopping and other fun stuff.

I then start thinking of the Fall time the most wonderful time of year the beginning of school. :)

So this post is as random as they come.

But I'm TIRED so give me a break! :)

Have a wonderful Thursday!!

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Anonymous said...

Good grief. It's not time to start thinking about next school year already!!!! :P

And boy do I know the story of the 'no blog entry for a week and then three and then no blog entry for a week...'!! :) LOL