Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Wow! Is all I can say. I am one blessed girl. Who doesn't deserve it but is so humbled.

I went to a students house today after school the admiring eyes she had for me made me stumble.

I don't deserve it.

But, the Lord still gives me so much.

A wonderful family.

A sweet church family.

A job I love.

A hand full of students who love me. (The feeling is very mutual)

But, I still stumble, I still take my eyes off the Lord and look at the water.

But the Lord always catches me, He is always there for me. He loves me. I'm touched. I'm humbled, I'm loved.

Thinking today I have a BIG job my job is to do the best I can do to show my sweet students the way to go. Humbling, touching...reality.

I come home late go on the Internet and find the most beautiful template on my blog. This girl has no time on her hands, but as I text her Sunday afternoon asking if she could make me a button she offers to do my whole blog over. Without a complaint, without a "When I have time." She drops everything and makes my third year anniversary one to remember. Thank you, Mackenzie! Touched...

I check my comments and I see seven filling my inbox with the sweetest most encouraging words, making me smile, making me humbled making me touched.

Three years of blogging, three years of making new friends, three years of sharing my ups and downs three years of blog hopping, three years of commenting, three years of feeling touched.

If you are new I am celebrating my third year in the bloggie world. I have been reminiscing, sharing my thoughts, enjoying comments from long time bloggie friends, new bloggie friends and bloggie friends who knew me as a child! ;) I am having three give aways. And when you least expect it you will find a winner on three upcoming posts. How you enter you may ask...Comment!


Mackenzie said...

Awww.... you're welcome! : )

Anonymous said...

Sweet post! We are all such a blessed people, but we too often take our blessings for granted. At least, I do! :)

Great job, Mackenzie! I love the new look you gave Ginger's blog!! :)


Jessica said...

I LOVE YOUR NEW TEMPLATE!!! I soooo wish I could get mine to look good. I used to know how to do all that. But after taking quite some time off from the blogging world, I don't remember any of it. :( I guess mine looks ok, it's just kind of plain.

Brittany said...

Your blog radiates happiness! :)

Love the new look!! Awesome job, Mackenzie!! :)

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing. . .

Jodi said...

Your new blog look is so sweet and springy !!! :) Now we just need some new pics of that adorable little Brother of yours -- he must be growing by leaps and bounds!!! :)