Monday, October 29, 2007

How Rude!!

Yesterday morning I was sitting with my friend who's husband was preaching. We both had our Bible's opened and listened to the preaching when all of a sudden I heard this very loud noise coming from behind me.

It took all my being not to look at my sister Carole who was in the back of the church running the sound booth, but I knew that would be too obvious. So I tried to concentrate on the sermon. I then heard it again, louder and more pronounced. That does it, I thought. I know what I am hearing, that is someone snoring. I looked at my friend, but she didn't seem to notice so I went back to the Bible.

A second later the snoring got about two more octaves higher.That's when my friend looked at me. When I looked at her I thought I would just about die from holding in my laughter.

The snoring person ended up not being from around here and left as soon as the service ended. I couldn't help thinking a pew is not the first place I would choose to take a nap!


Jessica said...

How rude. I have seen people sleep through church services as well, and every time I think that is so rude. (I guess sometimes people have just not had sleep in a LONG time... but for the most part I think it's just disrespectful to God, and to the Man of God.)

I remember when my fiance was working at night, the first few days that he worked at night, he wasn't able to sleep during the day, so I told him that I would wake him if he fell asleep. (I can't touch him.... but I thought a song book would probably wake him!! LOL!!) I never had to wake him up, but I did watch him, cause I knew how tired he was. :)

Anna Joy said...

:) Sunday in church there were some visitors who I guess hadn't been to church very often because instead of saying "amen" they clapped. Loudly, too. :) It was actually kind of funny......but not as funny as snoring!

Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh! That is terrible! I don't think I've ever heard anyone snore in church before - only people singing very loudly off key!

Julie's Jewels said...

Wow!! My father-in-law would snore in church too at times....and loudly!! I just don't understand how someone could do that. But then my husband told me when he was working the nightshift that he would have a hard time staying awake no matter how good the message was. So I guess it happens.