Monday, October 1, 2007

Sisterly love.

Here's me and Carole being fools in the back of our van riding to church last night. If you look real close you can see our crazy younger brother in the way back. Here's our ice cream we ate together on Saturday night while watching TV and being crazy sisters in my room. We took a picture of both of us that night but I will spare you the scary results of two girls in their PJ's with no make up and hair not done.
Here's a better picture of me and Carole in the van riding to church.
Sisters are great aren't they? I am so blessed I have two!!


haert2home said...

Okay, Ginger, you can stop looking twenty now. Enough is enough. Carole, stop looking like your mom's twin. You guys are killin' me. It's not right, I tell ya. Not right at all.

mrs. h.

Julie's Jewels said...

You are very blessed!! Don't take either of them for granted. I don't even hear from mine anymore due to her being offended by my being a Christian. She says she is too but I have strong convictions and standards and when she saw how different my family and I are last time I saw her...I've not heard from her again. It breaks my heart because we were getting so close till I saw her in person for the first time since being saved.

Jessica said...

Aw, I didn't know that was your sister!! Yall are so cute together!! :)

So.... how was the ice cream? LOL!!

How old is your sister & brother? I have 2 brothers (27 & 25) and one sister (12).

Anonymous said...

Sisters are great, aren't they?! :)

(And I love ice-cream. :))


Ginger said...

LOL...I will do my best!! Carole though... I'm not sure if she will ever stop looking like mom.

Yes I am very blessed. I'll pray for your sister.

The ice cream was great!lol...
I have two brothers and two sisters. My older brother and sister are both married. And my younger brother and sister are still in school. Carole is two in half years younger then I and Aaron's fours years younger. Oh, and Carole does not have a blog but I have tried to convince her to get one:)

They are so great! I love ice cream too:)