Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The last day of October

Wow, it's just crazy how time flies. Can you believe tomorrow is the first day of November? Yes, Thanksgiving will be here before we know it!! We are already discussing where everyone will be sleeping, what we are having, what time we are going to leave for shopping that Friday. Yikes...the clock is moving way too fast. Although, as always, it's exciting!

As October quickly leaves us, the coldness in the air is quickly coming to us. Sweaters have been my best friend the last couple of weeks also cute boots. LOL...And cute high heels which are not really my friend after long days at school. I am looking for cute flats that will not kill my feet. I am a shoe crazy kinda girl. So, I really don't like ugly flats I like cute ones. LOL.... Okay enough about my fascination with shoes.

Speaking of being cold I caught a cold the other day. That's one thing about working with children. You can catch something so quickly but, I am feeling much better now.

Well, I really need to get off for now. I am sorry about how boring this post was. lol....Maybe I will have something much more interesting to blog about the next time I blog.


Mackenzie said...

Happy Fall/Winter, Finter or Wintall! It's a new saying. Ok, you need a NBM!!! You have done very poorly missy!!! (LOL)

Suzanne said...

It wasn't a boring post! You talked about shoes. I have been looking for black flats that are sensible for winter, but nice looking. And they absolutely must be comfortable. And cheap. I am way too picky. I am sorry I haven't commented in so long. Megan has been scolding me. :)

Tiffany said...

Happy Fall Y'all from your Texas friend!!! Girl you are so lucky you get to wear cute boots! I have some black leather high heel boots I love that my husband bought me for Christmas 2 years ago. I want some cute funky boots though. And sweaters! It isn't cold enough here for sweaters. It was for a while but it is warming back up a bit.

goldfish said...

"It wasn't a boring post! You talked about shoes." Exactly!! :D I love shoes too. Cute flats are the best. Today I wore two different kinds. A black pair with a bow on them and the other pair was red with white polka dots. =D