Thursday, February 12, 2009

There is no god like Jehovah

I think sometimes when you are saved at a young age and have grown up in church, you crawl into a certain mode. What I mean by that is, you get comfortable in your comfort zone, you walk, talk, sleep everything you have learned over the years. You can quote John 3:16 in your sleep, you can sing almost any hymn without looking at the hymnal, you know exactly when your Pastor is closing his sermon every time! You sit in the same pew you have always sat in since before your feet could touch the floor. (Unless you moved when you were a teenager, like me! But don't worry, we have our designated pew that we have sat in for seven years now.) The list is endless...

And even though that is all well and good. Our little comfort zone can get dangerous. You almost forget what it all means. How it felt being so young but knowing something BIG just happened in your life when you asked Jesus yes Jesus into your heart to stay! How you knew for sure that when you die (even though death felt unreal back then, that you could never die.) That you would live with Jesus one day. The One who was born in a stable, healed the lame man, caused the blind to see, was crucified for our sins, rose again and one day is coming back to take the Christians away. Breath taking, I say. But as much as we hate to admit it the fascination just wears out little by little, year by year. Sure we have our moments when we are reminded when a sinner walks the isle at church and gets saved, when the Pastor preaches a message that rejuvenates your life for a while...when a child in your Sunday school class runs to you glowing, announcing he got saved on the ride to church.

But could be a day later or year later that comfort zone is in the neighborhood and you are just dying to jump right in and visit.

I know I promised an ultrasound picture of my brother or sister coming soon and don't worry that is coming. But this post has been in my mind for a week now, and it was just time to write it.

I have been in this very position many times. But last week when I sat in the back seat of the car, riding with my family to the store, listening to my mp3 player I was reminded there is NO god like Jehovah...

Yes, I have heard this song over and over again. A song that has meaning, passion, the truth all in it but not till last Saturday when so many things were swimming through my mind did the words really hit home.

I had just learned the night before, that a dear couple I have grown close to (especially the wife, who I work under,she is my mentor and special friend.)was in the mist of a trial, a very big trial. The husband had a stroke. I couldn't get my mind off of them. I was so worried and concerned and prayed that I could take her class for her while she stayed with her husband. I had no idea how it would all work out but I just kept praying that I could help that the Lord would just give me the "olive branch" and I would grab on.

All through the day they kept popping up in my mind and I would pray but they were not the only ones, I thought of my own family. I thought of the trials we have gone through over the years. I thought of the safety of this little one in my mothers womb, I thought of my mother's health. But it didn't stop there. I thought of the "friends" I have made through this thing I call a blog. Some bloggers are going through some major troubles. I won't name names but you know who you are and I hope you know you are in my prayers! I kept thinking of this one girl and her family. How close I feel to her even though we have never met. I can see the pain in every post she writes and I have found tears in my eyes over her and her mother's pain.

All through the day every time we were in the car, I listened to the words "There is no god like Jehovah, there is no god like Jehovah...."

And ....I thought through this couple's trial. They can cling to the fact that there is no god like Jehovah...when I want to worry about the health of my family, I can cling to...There is no god like Jehovah...the couple who is worrying that they will have another miscarriage. They can cling to There is no god like Jehovah...the family who feels like they are living a nightmare, the un- thinkable happened and they feel utterly crushed and defeated, they can cling to the fact that THERE IS NO GOD LIKE JEHOVAH!

Friends...the fact of the matter is God is real oh man, He is real...that fact should never get old. It should feel new like the day that you asked Him to come live in your heart. Let's throw away that comfort zone and live every day as if it's the first day you realized Christ is real and wanted Him to live in your heart.

I needed to be reminded and maybe you need to be reminded that there is no god like Jehovah. Cling to it, place it in your heart and never let it go. Our Savior knows our names, the number of hairs on our heads and no one can pluck the saved out of His Hands.

One more thing. When I got home from shopping there was a message on our machince. "Ginger, can you please sub for k5 and first grade next week on the days you're not teaching?" ((Smile))There is no god like Jehovah...


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, Ginger!!! Just lately I've been feeling that "comfort mode", and (even though it's not what we want) it's encouraging to know that it happens to other people too. :)


And yes, we're still wanting to see the picture!!! :)

Mrs. H said...

What can I say?

Your writing is truly powerful. I'm so glad you choose to share it with us.

Thank you for this heart gift.

Sherry said...

Great post! It is easy to stay comfortable where you are, too easy. Praise GOd we can rest in the fact that God will empower us to help do those things that make us uncomfortable like new jobs in nursery or what have you. :D

Anonymous said...

Great post. But now I want updates on your mom and you! POST SOMETHING.

Me :)

P.S. Didn't feel like signing in.

Suzanne said...

Wonderful post, thanks so much.