Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My new doo!!

Last night I had my hair done. I got some more layers and I highlighted my hair a honey blond color it's very subtle but I like it!! What do you think?? How do you like it?
In other news I am having a great time with my Mimi and can't believe my February break is half over already!! :D


Sis. Julie said...

I like it!! It looks really nice!!

Anonymous said...

Its very nice! I always love highlight'n my hair or cutting it :)

Three Sisters Blog said...

It looks really pretty!!

Anonymous said...

I think it looks soooo cute!! Does it just seem like it to me or does your hair grow really fast?? It seems like not that long ago that you got it cut above your shoulders and now it looks like it's grown out so much! Anyway, do you like it??


Mrs. H said...

Love it! I may just have to copy yours the next time I visit the salon!!

Every teacher needs a little "edge" in her life.

Wow. Highlights. We're just crazy out of control, aren't we?

Anonymous said...

I love it! The color is very nice on you!!

Just wait, once you start getting your hair colored, you become addicted, hahahaha. I've had many different things done with my hair over the years - always a fun adventure. Just make sure you have a great hair stylist - but it looks like you do!

Jodi said...

Looks great!!!!! Did your little students notice? Kids always have something to say ! lol

take care and give your Mom a hug for me hope she's doing great!