Thursday, April 29, 2010

Joy Cometh In The Morning.

Do you ever get aggravated?

I do...

I can't stand it when someone doesn't follow the rules.

When someone moves something of mine without asking.


But here is my question. What do I gain by being aggravated? The truth is I don't gain a thing. I'm not pleasing anyone by being upset. I'm not honoring anybody by pouting. I'm just being aggravated about little things.

What's the point?

There is no point to being aggravated it's just part of human nature. It's just no point.

But how about this...Joy.

Now that is a word I can get used to. Joy. It just slides off of the tip of your tongue doesn't? Joy.

I can name a thousand things which give me a joy where I couldn't give you a thousand things which give me aggravation.

What gives me a joy?

God's gift of


My faithful and loving daddy

My tender hearted and wise mom

My sensitive and understanding older sister Leslie

My caring and daring older brother Stephen

My witty and best friend younger sister Carole

My prayer warrior and protective younger brother Aaron

My precious gift from God little brother Jeremy

My kind and loving grandmother Mimi

My family

My church

My adorable students

My school

My friends

My Life

and on it goes...


Such a simple small word such mighty meaning.


I have joy when someone tells me I'm just like my mom.

I have joy when I am told I look just like my dad.

I have joy when my nephews and niece wraps their arms around me.

I have joy when Aaron takes my arm and leads me into a store.

I have joy when Carole and I will stay up for hours sharing our hearts.

I have joy when Jeremy looks at me and smiles...How about you? What gives you Joy?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Wonder...

...If I really knew how in love I would be with this boy.

How when I looked at him my whole heart would melt.

When I come home from school he is the first face I would want to see.

Just how much he would make me smile when he laughs.

Or how much I hurt when he isn't feeling well.

Tonight, I was taking to him on the phone. "Where's Mr.Jeremy?" I asked in my sing song voice. Carole told me he was looking for me and then started playing again and she said he was laughing.
It's so funny how much I miss him when I am away from him for a whole week.

I'm so thankful God gave him to us.

Every giggle...

Every smile...

Every hug...

Every kiss...

Just makes me love him more.

Don't you just love a good Jeremy post?? :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Rainy Day

Today I woke up and I just knew it was a cloudy day. Do you ever do that? You don't have to look out the window or open the door but you just can tell it will be dreary day. However, I didn't let the rain get me down instead I made cookies.

Yes, yes you read that right. I am going to start baking and cooking more. I need to get in the kitchen more. So I made thumb print cookies. I was so excited they came out really goooood. And everyone seem to really enjoy it. Me and Mimi had to put them in the other room they were so tasty!

And guess what I swagbuck the "thumb print recipe" and one of the sites that showed up was a blog. So I got the recipe I used from a blog. I thought that was neat!
Well, I just had to brag a little about my baking now I am finished.
Have a great night,

Monday, April 26, 2010

Funny How It Works Out.

Don't you love it when a subject is in your mind for days on end and you try to push aside, and it keeps coming back. And then you finally have it in a place locked and hid away and all of the sudden where ever you are that subject pops up?

That's what happen to me this weekend.

And I am going to share.

I decided to throw a party. Not a long guest list. Actually it was quite simple to remember who was coming because there was only one name on the list.


I decided to throw myself a pity party.

I know doesn't that sound exciting? I didn't think so. But I still did it. No one knew I had this party but I knew I was attending it.

I sat on the couch and moped. If some one came in the room they would have no idea I was at my pity party but if someone had a window in side my heart they would see my pathetic party.

However, someone did see my party He didn't get an invitation 'cause I knew He wouldn't attend but He was there and He wasn't happy with me.

In my heart I knew I shouldn't of planned my little party I guess I really didn't plan it. It just sort of happened. I started thinking about my prince. Where is he Lord? I asked God as I fiddle with my phone. I'm almost much longer? As I look at how I was now I'm ashamed.

I know the truth. I know I am a happy, healthy young lady who NEEDS to count her blessings but so many times I am back in that slump. Back where I'm whining to the Lord. Whining to the One who is directing my life. Why is it I always try to take the pen away from the Best Selling Author? It really shocks me how foolish I can be. Where I think I can write my love story.

But now I am going to refer to my title.

Funny How It Works Out

I'm sitting in my home church yesterday morning. The church I grew up in. Listening to the pastor. "Can I see a show of young people hands who wants to wait until their thirty to get married?" I almost laughed out loud. "I know I didn't but that was God's perfect plan for my life." He said with a smile as he looked at his wife. I sat there in amazement. God wanted me in that church at that moment listening to that sermon because He knew that the pity party would be back in town unless I opened my eyes and my ears and took the truth in.

Now, I don't want you to think every hour of every day I am living my life in misery until my prince comes. Because the truth is clear the Lord will not honor that attitude He will not place a prince in my mist if my temper tantrum is loud enough. Of course He won't! He is going to wait until my heart is ready.

My heart is not ready. Right now God has placed single hood in my mist. I need to live this single hood to the best of my ability I need to be happy (And I am happy) but I need to stop with this pity party this sulking to myself.

I need to embrace God's plan for my life and not worry not compare to others. But to live my life to the fullest and honor God in what I do. I am ashamed to say the reason why I didn't invite God to my party is because I knew He did not approve.

Funny How It Works Out

This morning I decided to go on one of my favorite blogs just to see if she wrote a new post and lo and behold she did and it was a GOOD one.

It made me think, ponder, smile and search deep into my heart.

And then I stumbled on this... Isn't God just wonderful?

He gave me His own invitation to His party. The party of truth. He sent many different reminders so I wouldn't forget the party.

The sermon yesterday morning.

this post


this post

I will not forget the party I will attend it every time I get an invitation to the pity party. This party is a lot more fulfilling.

Like I have said many times before I don't sit and whine and sulk every minute of every day. I have a wonderful life but I do have my moments where I sulk. I felt a need to post this reminder post. Because I know there may be people that may need to read it... and be reminded just like I had to be.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's been a while...

Jeremy wanted to say "Hi" to his friends Breanna, Adam and Colton. :) :)

More later,

Friday, April 23, 2010


Well, it is official my spring vacation is here. My suitcase is packed, my mp3 is charged my school bag is staying home and I am going on vacation. I will be spending a nice long week with my Mimi. Carole is staying home this time helping, my mom and hanging around here. So I am going solo. I'm excited to just have a week off.

I LOVE,LOVE teaching but it's fun to have a break.

I will however miss my darling Jeremy. He is such a part of me. The last school break I spent away from home by the end of the week I was watching home videos of him on my laptop. Yup, that boy is special!!

I have at least three posts I am going to try to work on while I'm on vacation. I have them all swarming in my head and just need the time to sit down and post them. So keep a look out for them Also, while I am on vacation I am going to try to get some much needed blog hopping.

There are so many of you who has commented many times over the last month and I haven't had the chance to come visit your little nook on the web but don't worry I will be doing that soon!

Well, I'm sorry to pop in and pop out like this but I want to vacuum my room before I leave it for a week. I will be posting as soon as I get to Mimi's hopefully with some new pictures of my nephews and niece.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

And the Winner is......


It has been so fun getting to know all you and meeting new "faces" through my Three Years And Counting Posts. I have had such fun and I can't wait what the next three years will bring.

Once again I wanted to thank all of you for coming by supporting this little nook on the web. Sending me encouraging comments and emails, sending me laughs along the way.

I can't believe this series has officially ended but it has been a blast!

I met Lauren a while back she found me through Morgan's blog. We have something very unique in common. We both have a little brother name Jeremy Thomas. Isn't that neat?

Lauren, I will be sending you Brides Of The West by Lori Copeland and since Jeremy is my model he insisted on sending your Jeremy something as well. So, Jeremy gets the little board book "Guess How Much I Love You."
So, Lauren drop me an email with your home address and hopefully I will be able to send it out to you shortly!

Once again bloggie people, you are the best!

Until, next time,

Monday, April 19, 2010


I can't believe I haven't posted in almost a week. It wasn't intentional however, last week was pretty busy. But I will try to get back into my writing every night again.

I wanted to remind all of you that my last giveaway is not over and to keep on entering!! As many times as you like!!

So, my series on Joy is in working progress...

And yes, I will abide by my readers wishes and have a "book" the near future.

So as you can see "Pieces Of My Heart" Is still alive in kicking.

Well, as I said I am keeping busy working on kindergarten graduation plans with the k5 teacher and working on own plans with my little ones for the talent show I have been hopping all over the place. Enjoying every minute of it.

My kids will be singing "Read Your Bible Pray Every Day." and they will be wearing flower masks and one little boy will be the farmer and will "water" them with the watering can to make then grow. I am so very excited about it! It will be a fun night.

Jeremy is growing like a weed. He is so fun his two top teeth have now cut and he just getting so big. He LOVES playing peek a boo he will put a toy or blanket to cover his face and when we say "Where is Jeremy?" He will put the blanket down and laugh.

My brother Stephen and his wife Liz are getting close to meeting their second baby and their first little boy in June. I can't wait to see my little nephew! I know he will just be adorable and Alyvia will be such a good big sister!

My spring vacation is next week. I am looking forward to it! Carole and I will be heading down to our Mimi's house. And we are going to have some much needed "Mimi" time. I miss my Mimi!

The other day I bought a two dollar purse!! I was so excited it's red and it even fits all my junk inside of it! And it's quite fashionable!! I just love bargains!

Alright, I need to end this random post. It's good to be back and remember ENTER the give away! Make this give away interesting!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What These Three Years Have Meant To Me.

It's funny as much as I couldn't wait to write this post now as I sit here trying to form the words trying to stamp on my emotions trying not to allow my green eyes to fill with tears is proving to be very difficult.

What? I get emotional during anniversary's!

Well, this party is just going to start no waiting for the food to be ready when the pizza comes to the door I'll let you all know it's time to eat. You may want to put an apron on if you are like me because for sure the sauce will land on my clothes before the night is over.

A lot of this Three years and counting series was about you the "reader" I wanted to "hear" from you to know about the people who enjoy reading my ramblings.

Who shed a tear when I typed at five in the morning to let you know Jeremy arrived safely in this world.

Who was just as shocked as I was when I announced Jeremy was on his way into the world.

Who cheered me on when I told all of you I was going to be a teacher.

Who encouraged me when I had a bad day and it was either crying or blogging.

I wanted to get to know you to hear your voice through my little comment box.

I have "met" so many special people through this blog. I find myself crying, laughing, praying through your posts.

Some of you said this about my blog...

~When you post it is always inspirational to me to post on mine. You show that you are a real person that makes mistakes etc, just like anyone else. You don't try to lift yourself up in any way. this truly has been a blessing to me!~ Stepheny

~You don't know me but I feel like I know you through reading your blog!~ Chloe

~You can make ANYTHING fun to read!~ Brittany

~Your heart for the Lord that is shared here.~ Sarah

~I guess #2 would have to be how "real" you are. I mean really--sometimes you write and just say 'I wanted to write and don't have anything to say so hello and goodbye' and I can totally relate!!! ;)~ Morgan

~Your love for the Lord and all your encouraging posts!~ Lauren

~Yes, I agree with everyone else you seem so genuine in your writing I feel like we've been friends for years ... I remember being absolutely ecstatic and so excited when I heard you were going to be a big sister again ... and when you blogged the day your Mom went in to labor I checked a million times awaiting the big news!!!~ Jodi

~You take so much time for your bloggers, I think it's really neat and generous!~ Sophie

~It's been great talking with you and getting to know you on our blogs. Can't wait to see what the next 3 years hold for both of us!! :)~ Jessica

~I have greatly enjoyed your blog for many different reasons. From a young lady mt age facing the same things I am facing--hopping on with that one glass slipper because we both know that God has someone in mind and we are willing to wait.Other than that i just enjoy reading your post and there have been a number of times when you posted something that encouraged me.~ Katrina

~I think I found your blog through a comment on somebody else blog:) I am so happy I found it!!~ Jennifer

~Your honesty (like when you freely admit that your mom is always right! I love that in a blogger)~ Mrs.H

~Love the pics of your family-especially your adorable brother.~ Mrs. Weaver

Wow what an encouragement.

These three years have been so fun. I have learned so much from every single person that has made contact with me through this blog.

Are you hungry yet? The pizza's on it's way. ;)

My last give away from this series will be chosen in one week. This will be the GRAND prize so I thought we should give it a week. Even if you have won one of my give aways from this series still stop by and say hi.

This is my anniversary post but it's also the post that you will comment to enter in the give away.

ENTER as MANY times as you like.

And don't forget to come back and read my first post to my new series of posts.

From the bottom of my heart, I wanted to thank each one of you who reads my blog. Even if you don't like to comment but you do read my blog faithfully that just makes my heart smile. Thank you to some of you who have showed me your friendship. Thank you for others for just dropping by and saying "hi" Thank you, for praying for me when I ask you too. Thank you for wondering where I am after I haven't posted in a week.

You have made it worth blogging. You are special to me. And you are the reason I can't wait to see what the next three years will bring in the bloggie world!

Thank you for making this anniversary the best yet.

Happy Three Years anniversary to PIECES OF MY HEART!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Almost over...

Well, my three years and counting posts are almost over. When I posted last night I said I couldn't wait to write this post. Well...I made a mistake I thought today was the 14th however as we all know tomorrow is the 14th and today is the 13th. I guess we can call it "Over tired."

You all make me smile as you explain how fun my series has been to you.

For three years I have been sharing things about myself and my family.

The last post before the big ole GRAND 3 years anniversary post I want it to be filled with my readers.

Tell me one random thing about you.

Your favorite color?

Your favorite food?

Your favorite hobby?

Or something totally random.

Until tomorrow,

Monday, April 12, 2010


the winner is...

HA! You thought it would be that easy? I would just reveal the second winner just like that?

Well, first I have to give this person a proper introduction...

I think it's quite funny how the winners of the three years and counting have both been long time readers.

(So, maybe my third giveaway winner tomorrow will be a new reader to this blog!)

Well, this bloggie buddy has been with this blog since waaaaaaaaaaay back. The cool, cool, cool thing about it is we became friends over this wonderful world of blogginess!

So you can just say when Carole picked a number and I found out it was Morgan's number she picked I was quite happy.

So, yes MORGAN DENISE over at Aunt Morgan's blog one the second give away! *Now lets all clap* Are people looking at you funny while you applaud the computer screen? Just wondering... :)

Fun fact: for the longest time I called Morgan by her first and middle name and I then dropped "Denise" and just started calling her "Morgan" (Not sure why just happened) Also, when I had my first blogaversary give away. Her sister Jodi won it.

Oh, one more thing Jeremy is holding Morgan's prize. It's a Lori Wick novel. And yes I own the book as well!! I happen to LOVE Lori Wick books! Oh, and Jeremy is laughing in this picture he was very happy Morgan won as well! ;)

So, we have one more winner and we have one Three Years And Counting post left. Can you believe it?

I am very, very excited about tomorrows post. I hope you all enjoy it.

Until then...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Joy...coming soon...

"Whom having not seen, ye love; in whom, though now ye see Him not, yet believing, ye rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory..." 1 Peter 1:8

My Three Years And Counting posts are almost over. Can you believe it? I have had a blast. Going down memory lane with all you. I honestly believe you all have made my blog anniversary the best one yet. But it's not over yet. The balloons, the gifts the HUGE cheese cake and all will be coming on the 14th...

Okay maybe in our imaginations...

But the big bloggie anniversary will be a fun post and I can't wait to share it with all of you. But until then you may be wondering what my title and the top of the post is all about. Well, I am going to continue the celebration after my anniversary. No we are not going to continue on with my 3 years and counting however my celebration will be about me posting more.

And one of my first posts after the give away is over will be on the subject of joy. I for one am very excited about and I hope you will be too.

Until then....drum roll please??


This one will be different but the same. This is what I mean it will be different for this giveaway but the same referring to my past giveaways.

This is how you will enter...

Start entering now under this post. If you have been keeping up with the "Three Years And Counting" posts let me know (If you have commented or not) You will get an extra entry if you have.

If you post my button or mention the give away on your blog and let me know that is another entry.

You may enter as many times as you like.

If you have won one of my give aways before you may still enter.

The give away will end...(*Smile* I'm not going to tell you) But....*hint* it will be a "short" give away so enter until you see the "winner"post.

If you don't have a blog that I can "follow" you back to please leave your first name.

And this is the time to enter...

Have Fun,

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh brother...


Here I go starting my three years and counting posts and what do I do? Leave it! I knew this was going to happen but I didn't think it was going to happen quite so fast. Well, all of the sudden it got very busy in school and it's just going to get busier from now until the end of the year. Graduations, banquets, talent shows the works! But I am hoping that I will get a post ready and posted tomorrow.

I have a few things on my mind that I can't wait to jot down and post. So keep checking in. Remember there will be another give away soon as well! The celebration has not ended it's just slowing down a bit. But don't worry it will pick up soon!

So, if you have read this post. Stop in and say "hello!" Let me know you are still around checking in. A couple of you have mentioned not being able to comment I am hoping I have fixed the problem! So try and let me know!

Until my next post....

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is Any One Home?

I know, I know I am sorry I did not post yesterday! I was hoping no one would notice. Oh, wait a minute maybe nobody had because no one complained. Well, come to think of no one commented. Well, come to think of it it was just Easter.

So I will give you all some slack.:) I hope everyone had a terrific Easter. My Three years in counting posts has been a little sporadic as of late. With my mom's birthday and then Easter. My mind have gotten a little lost. But never fair I found it and we will be back in business soon.

However, I will give a little plug to my last post. Please participate if you like, I have been lovin' these inter active posts.

And I will also leave you with some Easter pictures....Jeremy was ready to go home! He had enough of pictures!! lol

Hope to hear from you soon!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

And where do the years go?

As I have been writing these posts one thing often comes through my mind. "Time flies" I'm not only talking about blogging. Even though, these three years of blogging really have flown by. I just mean life in general.

Sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday I was fourteen leaving everything I knew and moved with my family to "no where's ville" that I so affectingly called it. Where there were more mountains than people. Where life seemed so quiet and less noisy. "I HATED it!" I didn't want to try to get "used" to my new surroundings, I wanted the "old" ones. I wanted my old house, my old, church,my old life.

Every little thing I complained about. "It wasn't like this in our old town!" "This is crazy." And on it went. Hmm, I remember some long talks with mom, that first year. I had a lot of growing up to do. Even though, I thought I was all grown up.

That is just a laugh and half as I think about that now. I was so immature at that time. When I say that to people what they usually say is that I always seemed "grown up" to them. And I prided myself in that talent.

I had an air about me that told people I was a grown up. I hated when people acted as if I was a child. I was quiet but when someone spoke to me I had class. I was a proud homeschooler by then. When we went into a small book store one time and the lady who owned it gave us an attitude when she found out we homeschooled I vowed I wouldn't go in again. "If she doesn't like homeschoolers she doesn't need my business." I said with my chin up in the air.

I thought I knew it all. But you know what? I didn't.

I look back at those years now and I can smile. They were ruff I was barley a teenager confused, scared of change but I grew. Not only in age but in heart.

I learned that God doesn't make quick decisions he plans everything out for a reason.

On those quiet nights when Carole and Aaron were already in bed and I had my glorified half hour alone with my parents. Snuggling close to my mom on the couch as she gently moved my hair out of my face and graciously ignored the tears in my eyes (not to embarrass her very sensitive daughter) she would say. "Ginger, God could have moved us here just for your husband to find you." Of course then it seemed an eternity away. But now as my 23rd birthday approaches it seems more likely. (no, worries I'm not holding out on you no one is my life yet)

However, God had planned for Carole to me her prince here. And they are enjoying every minute of getting to know one another.

As for me, little did that fourteen year old know what God had planned for her. Years later He would place the most fulfilling job she could ever imagine in her lap to teach children.

And that is what I am doing. I worry about the future sometimes I worry about the "What ifs?" And the how about when? But I always need to remind myself to turn all those questions to God. I'm not helping myself in the least to worry.

And then there are those little surprises in life that if you told that fourteen year old she would just laugh in your face.

Saying something like "Do you know when your baby brother Aaron is 17 your mom and dad will have another baby!" Laughing like crazy I'll tell ya. But as I nuzzled my nose in little Jeremy's cheek today laughing at his giggles and playing patty cake while his hands are stretched out so I can place my hands in his while we play the game. I looked up at my mom and said. "I am so thankful God gave us this sweet baby boy."

So my point to this post is this.

At fourteen I thought I was all that but I wasn't (I'm still not). I still make mistakes, I still sin. But I learned, I grew. Like I said in the beginning not only in age but in heart.

I learned to "move" on. And in moving on I started becoming the person I am toady. I know God moved us here for a reason maybe it's because my husband will find me here, maybe it was for Carole to find her prince here, maybe it was for the church we are in or the school I teach at, or for the people we have grown close to etc. But whatever the reason is. I know it's a good one and I'm glad God knows best. I'm glad the decision to leave the only thing we knew didn't rest on that fourteen year old shoulders because let me tell ya folks it probably would have fallen off!

So, I will end with this. The years do fly by so grab your note book grab a pen and start jotting down those years on paper because if you look hard enough you will find many lessons God has taught you and is teaching you this very moment.

What is one thing God has taught you over the years?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Truth...

My Three Years And Counting posts will continue tomorrow night or Monday. But what I needed to do tonight is tell everyone "Happy Easter"

Lets not ever forget it was for me and for you that Christ died on that old rugged tree...

...and if you have not yet asked Jesus into your heart do it now friend, it's the most wisest decision you will ever make.

I wrote this in my Junior Year of High school...

I could hear the whip hit His back countless times.The blood was more than I could stand. As it stained His skin.I could hear them laughing, cussing. Raging. Causing Him pain.

How they loved the sound of His suffering.When the crown of thorns had been placed upon His brow The thorns had pricked His precious skin.

The crimson blood stained His face and tears escaped.I could hear the hammering of the nails…

It seemed it would not stop. The sounds were too much to bear.My eyes could not leave the hammer that kept on moving.The nail just kept on digging into His skin.The agony was heavy as they hammered His feet to that tree.

Such suffering He endured.For me.I could feel the crowd grow restless. The air was thick with their angry screams.A soldier came from the mob and spat on my Savior.

But from Jesus came no hate. His face only showed love."Why?" I thought to myself. " Why would Christ do this for me?"Then my heart understood. I was a prisoner of my sin.

My Lord has purchased my freedom with amazing love.As I finally recollect the price he had to pay.

With the words, "It is finished." He died upon that old tree.I could not help my trembling as I saw Him. Lifeless.For me.Three days later I heard the talk around town. "Jesus had risen!"

My heart could not stop leaping as I stumbled through the crowd.This same Jesus, rising in the clouds, would leave me with a promise.He will come again.

For me.

Happy Easter everyone!


3 years ago..

...around this time I was volunteering at the school. Working in the first and second grade room. Never, ever thinking I would have my own classroom and class three years later. Never, knowing God was preparing me for teaching.

The next year I did more training for being a teacher. And what a blessing and surprise the Sunday morning I found out my dream was about to come true.

Isn't amazing how three little years can change so much?

I am so thankful I am now in my second year teaching loving it as much as the day I first started.

The first day I looked down at my little students my body radiating with excitement. "Is this really happening am I really teaching?" I asked myself. Falling in love with each one of them the moment I laid eyes on them.

I had such fun decorating my classroom with my mom helping me each step of the way.

Teaching is so fun. I just love each one of my students and I am already itching to start a new year of school. A new year of rearranging desks and writing new name tags and changing bulletin boards.

I think one of my favorite posts I wrote about school is the one I wrote this past October. It shows how fun a day in k4 really is.

Okay, a new inter active post. (This time lets hope I don't delete your answers.) What do you do? Are you a stay at home mom? A Teacher? A keeper at home? A bank teller? A Dog trainer? Inform me, enlighten me...

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Insert "Huge Sigh"
Well, I could give in that I am very tired, the hour of night, and I had long day to burst into a pool of tears. Which is very tempting or blog. Balming to my very being. Well, I am going to choose blogging. Because I hate when I cry and then I have puffy eyes and looks like I have very bad allergies.

Why you may ask that I am biting my quivering lip (Total exaggeration) is because I came home tonight after church. Ready to check my blogging comments hoping I had some and to my happy, happiness I had TWELVE! Twelve comments! That's a lot of comments.

I even had QUESTIONS to answer!!

Why am I talking in the past tense? You may ask? Why don't I seem happy that the dust balls I mean tumble weed:) is no longer roaming my bloggie town.

Well, some strange reason totally by accident I REJECTED all 12 comments! Sob...hiccup...gulp! I am so sad! SNIFF I know one of these days I'll get over it one of these days I'll wake up and say "Huh, rejected? When was that?" But this very moment I can't believe I did it! Okay, okay I'll get over it. So I am being a mega drama queen but... (Totally in a whining voice) Do you know what will make me feel better?? *Hiccup* Some more comments *Sniffle*

Alright going totally by memory let me try to answer some of your questions if I forgot one PLEASE tell me.

Katrina asked me...
How did you feel when your parents told you they were going to have a baby?
Well, I knew there was a slight chance my mom was expecting and I was actually the one that kept telling her she was having a baby. When it was confirmed I was shocked even though deep down I knew she was I just knew it! But knowing it and being told is two different things. I started rattling about everything needed to be "Winnie The Pooh." And took everything in my being to keep quiet for two weeks until my parents gave me and my sister the "go ahead" to tell the world. To answer your question I was thrilled.

Mrs.H asked me...
What is your three favorite children books and why?
Right this moment I would say Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (Small tidbit I was very disappointed with the movie) Why is this book one of my faves: Probably because last year there was a little girl who LOVED when I read it to her at school she would request it every day and it just became special to both of us.

My next book: Right now would be 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed. I absolutely LOVE when my kids will sing along. We have such fun. I read it today outside at the picnic table soaking in the sun while one of the little girls wore my sun glasses 'cause the sun was in her eyes. So CUTE!!

My third: There's A Wocket In My Pocket. I Love reading it to my kids at school and I also LOVE reading it to Jeremy. I love how he hits the book and smiles.

Mrs. H also asked me what my three favorite little house and the prairie episodes are and what are three of my Mimi's favorite dolls. (My Mimi (Grandmother) collects dolls and has made me an avid doll collector as well) Mimi LOVES a doll catalog called Paradise Galleries and she has many of their dolls. She also loves Ashton Drake (as do I) Her favorites are dolls that her family has given her and dolls that my papa (her late husband) had bought her over the years. She gave me one that papa gave her and I cherish it. Alright tears are now threatening to enter my eyes but it's not over my mistake over the comments it's my love for my Mimi and Papa. My Papa is with Jesus now but my Mimi is one of my bestest friends and .... well I think need to have a post of just her one of these days. :)

Little House and Prairie episodes...hmmm... I like the one when Mary Goes Blind sad very sad. When Mr. Edwards baby sit the girls SO FUNNY! And...when Mary and Laura first goes to school and Laura finds a new friend in Miss Beatle.

Morgan asked me...
What was my favorite birthday gift?
Oh, wow! That is a hard one. Speaking of my mimi. ONE OF MY FAVORITE gifts was an Ashton Drake doll she gave me on my seventeenth birthday. Another memory is when I was fourteen my parents threw me a HUGE surprise party! A great memory.

Grace Elizabeth asked...
Do you like sunny or rainy days?
It depends I like it when I already was plaining on staying home and just have lazy rainy and reading day. Just me cuddled in my room reading a good novel or cuddled with Jeremy with a good Dr. Seuss book.

But like today I LOVE being able to go outside with my students soaking up the sun and reading books such a fun thing to end the school day.

I know there was more. But my tired state can't think anymore. Thank you all for COMMENTING and I am so sorry I lost all of your sweet words! Hope to hear from you all soon!!