Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Something fun!

Carole actually came up with this idea and I happened to really like it! Since all of you were so gracious enough to join me and my families excitement over this new addition to our family for months now. You have dealt with many posts, on names, nursery,mural the list is endless. I think it would be fun if you guess the weight of my new baby brother who will be born in a just a couple of days!

Lets see if anyone will get it right!!


Mrs. H said...

7 pounds, 11 ounces. If I'm right, Slurpees are on me!

Katie said...

9 pounds 11 ounces :-)

Jessica said...

Oh, this is fun... we did this at my baby shower.

I'll guess... 7lbs 8oz

By the way.. I hope yall have a GREAT day tomorrow, and things go as smoothly and quickly as possible for your mom. Can't wait to see pictures. :)

I was hoping I'd go into labor tonight or tomorrow so they would be born on the same day! I guess we will see.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...I think my other guess was 7.7, so this time I'll guess 8lbs :)


Jodi said...

I'm going to guess 8lbs 4oz! :) Can't wait to see pictures !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

stepheny said...

8 lbs. 10 oz.~!



Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

7.6 is my guess