Saturday, August 1, 2009

Charging up that mp3

I am sitting in my big brothers living room on the laptop while the computer slowly loads the battery juice back into my mp3 for the long ride home! Yes, we headed back down to my grandmothers this weekend. BECAUSE we needed to pick up Mimi (My grandmother) so she would be up when the baby comes! Yes, it is feeling very real now! By this time next week Lord willing I will be holding my baby brother!

I am so excited! I am sorry I am not filled with fun stories right now. Or even a cute picture of something! Right now the only thing roaming in my mind is this sweet baby brother of mine and of course my Mommy!!

I have to get off now and get ready to go home! Maybe I will take a long nap in the car! Please keep us in prayer while we travel home and please keep on praying for my mommy and baby brother!!!

5 more days!


Jessica said...

Wow Ginger.... less than a week now!!! How exciting!!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Barb :)