Monday, August 10, 2009

Jeremy two days old.

This afternoon Carole put her photographer skills to good use and captured some adorable poses of our sweet little brother! She has been dreaming about doing this for months. So she could hardly wait for mom to finish feeding him so she could "play" with our baby brother.

He also had his first Doctors visit today. He is doing just great! It's so different having a baby in the house and knowing he is not one of my nephews who will be going to go home sometime. But it's my baby brother who is staying!

I always miss my nephews and niece when they go home. At times in the beginning of the summer I missed school and my students. Later on in the Summer I enjoyed every bit of my vacation and didn't miss school as much but I am pretty excited about starting a new school year in just a couple of weeks. But, I got off my subject didn't I?

Well, all that to say I am just happy to know Jeremy is ours to keep!


Mrs. H said...

Thank you for the beautiful pics! You know which one is my fave!

Great job, as usual, Carole. Keep clicking!!

Jodi said...

Awwww ... he's adorable!!!!!!!!!! Keep the pics coming -- we love them!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

He's sooo adorable, Ginger!!!