Monday, August 3, 2009

3 days!

Yes, you read that right three days! Three little days until my mom is induced! My Mimi,myself and my parents were able to go into the maternity section in the hospital today. We were able to look at the waiting room and just get a feel of what Thursday and possibly Friday will be like!

I am so excited I try not to worry. But I know it's human nature. However, I also know that worrying is sin. And I need to stop! People, may roll there eyes over that. But the truth be told if you are a born again Christian you know the Lord will and has you in His hands and nobody can pluck us out of them. So, yes I believe we shouldn't worry.

That doesn't mean however that I don't because I do a lot! But I am trying to hand all those fears and worries to the one who can DEAL with them and yes I am referring to my Lord and Savior.

Carole helped my mom pack her bag tonight and she also packed the baby's bag a few weeks ago. Aaron brought up the brand new car seat and mom is painting a dresser we bought at the thrift store for the nursery. We are all in excitement mode! And of course it helps that my Mimi is with us.

It is so fun to have her here with us at this special time!

So, I had said a few weeks ago I would update more often so I just wanted to check in! I thank you who's praying for our family. We appreciate it greatly! I can't wait for the moment when I can post on my blog that my baby brother is here!

I'll blog soon!


Mrs. H said...

This could very possibly the longest three days ever!

I'll be praying for a relaxing labor and an effortless delivery.

What? It could happen!!!

Jessica said...

How neat!! It's getting so close. I went to the dr today and she said that the baby's head is REALLY low, and that I'm really thinned.... so she said it shouldn't be long. In fact she said she didn't think I'd make it to my due date next week. But I guess we will see!