Monday, May 5, 2008

Sometimes you just have to laugh

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early, took a shower, ate breakfast,got dressed and did my make up before the clock struck nine. I was all ready and proud of it. My bed was made, my camera batteries were charged and I even had time to jump on my laptop and check some blogs and even commented on some of them!! I was thrilled. Then I heard the dreaded words "Girls, five minutes!" As soon as I heard my dad's familiar voice, I realized one tiny, little problem. I forgot to pick out a pair of heels!

So I scrunched down on the floor, peeked under my bed and started grabbing shoes randomly.... won't go with this outfit...too flat...too fallish...too casual. Ahh, I finally found the perfect pair. Brown with a little opening in the front so you could see some toe and a very high heel. I was set. They matched the sweater I was wearing and I was happy. I closed down my laptop, put it in my handy dandy laptop bag and decided I really was going to bring it with me. (Call me crazy)lol

We all scurried into the car and started our long trip to the ceremony place. I read some of the way but when my eye lids started to flutter and flap and started to do this weired aerobics kind of thing, I decided I needed not to fight it any longer. I was going to take a nap. So I took my mp3 player out of my purse, put the head phones in and let the music do its job.

Of course that was short lived when Carole picked up the tiny little thing and checked what song I was listening to. "No fair. You didn't even invite me to listen with you...and you are listening to my favorite song!" So, she did the only natural thing she could do. She pulled one of the ear phone thingys out of my listening ear and popped it into her own. She then rewound the song and leaned her head on my shoulder and that is how I fell asleep.

I woke up an hour later to hear my mom say... "We're lost. I knew it, we are lost." Comforting words to wake up to, I'm tellin' ya! Of course, then I heard my dad's non patronizing voice say "We are not lost. I know where we are!" Well, that went back and forth for a while and then we saw the building. I guess dad was right!

As we pulled into the parking lot, we saw friends of ours just entering the building, we waved and quickly parked the car and made the long walk to the front door. Let me rephrase that last sentence. Long and torturous, unusual punishment for a girl with very uncomfortable cute shoes!!

We made it into the building where we were welcomed with drawings galore. I saw many familiar faces including Dr.Laplittle and he showed me where Mackenzie and the rest of my peeps were. Including my Mimi! After chatting and laughing for a while, the ceremony started. I found a seat right next to Mimi.

The announcer came up, welcomed everyone and then said "Before we start the awards, we have a very special guest. He is a story teller and a folk singer." I leaned over to Mimi "This should be interesting." This guy with way too much hair and a mismatched vest waltzed up the stage. He had a rather LOUD mouth and he looked like he should have been in the woods hugging a tree. Ya...this would be fun.

The first words he started off with was "When my son was a baby..."Guess where this was going?? Well, in the story they were traveling in the woods and the kid saw a crow...or a vulture or something like that. I'm telling you, I was border then bored. The only thing that was interesting was to watch Carole's and Mackenzie's and our friend Rosie's faces. Of course I am sure Mimi enjoyed my comments through out the boring show.

Okay, so this is what he did. He started rambling about mother nature and how we need to protect the earth blah...blah...blah. Then he started rambling about how he loves listening to rain storms. Ya...okay...rain storms??? As in thunder? As in lightening? You mean the bolts of electricity that flash through your home? You mean that storm that is called a thunder storm which I have hated since I was 10??? he started directing each row of people to start swishing their hands together, snapping...hitting their legs...stomping on the ground. Oh...yes that was my favorite part. Afterwards he told us that if one person refused to participate it would not have been as affective. LOL...Thank you...thank you, that would be me!!

This guy was nuts and way too into nature. I am so not trying to offend people who love the outdoors. I like outside as much as the next person. But I get so sick of people getting into the nature thing but not one time did I hear the wacko, really needs a hair cut, dude say anything about God!!

He then pulled out many instruments. I cringed at the sight. He starts singing this really interesting dity and started slapping his face and using a violin and I don't know, singing something about a two minute song. I was relieved when friends ours with many children had four of their little girls that needed to use the bathroom. "I'm on it!" I almost yelled. I jumped right up and escorted them all to the restroom hoping we would need to stay in the cramped room until it was over. Fat chance!

He finally ended. Finally, after I don't know how many hours and the awards hadn't even begun!! Thankfully it was a little more enjoyable watching, Maddie and Mackenzie and my cousin Kyle just to name a few accept their awards.

After the ceremony was over, I walked into the foyer with my heels in my hands. Owww!! Ya my feet looked kinda cramped in those adorable shoes I just had to wear! But, with all this negativity I need to brighten up the day's activities with a really cool thing I got while I was there.

Dr.Laplittle gave me a battery thing so I can plug in my laptop while I am in the car! Man, was I thrilled. *Smile* We stopped at Best Buy before we got home. I got a Cosby show season and we watched it on my laptop the rest of the way home. And you all thought I was nuts for bringing my laptop with me?? LOL

Okay, I hope you all enjoyed my very funny story. I am going to take a walk with my homeschooling fam. Then we are going shopping tonight so maybe I will gather some material for another post!

Okay...Until next time!:)


Anonymous said...

hahahaha, that's hilarious! I always find myself laughing in those awkward situations with my sister too - once we start laughing we can't stop!

I'm glad you looked cute in your shoes - eventhough they weren't so comfortable! If I didn't sit at my job most of the day, I probably wouldn't get to wear heals as much!

Jodi said...

lol --- you are hillarious !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just wrote a big long comment and it deleated it!!!! :P


Stepheny Weaver said...

Your hilarious Ginger! Your personality is great! :)


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll try again. :P

You're so funny!! Man--that "singer" sounds...interesting!!! Especially the part about singing, slapping his face, and playing the violin!?!?!?! Yikes!!!