Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Real Life.

Shhhh!! Just listen. What do you hear? Anything at all? Just the slow humming of your computer? The sound of your own quiet breathing through out the room? I hear The Waltons ending in the other room. I hear my parents chatting next to me as my mom scrapbooks. It may not be silent as I try to blog, but it's my life and for that I have a smile on my face!

I am trying to write a sweet post. I am trying to make you all want to sigh. But needless to say the Waltons are over and Carole is in here being loud and fooling around with me as I try to write this sweet post. Do I have any sympathy??

By the way, that stillness, that quietness, that smile is gone!! She is now talking by my ear, right by my ear, chewing Oreos IN MY EAR!! The basketball game is on the radio right near me, fuzz and all! Gulping. I am now hearing gulping from the same culprit by my ear. Gulping that milky substance by my ear!! Forget sweet!!!!

Forget sweet. Lets talk about real life!!! You know, God really does have sense of humor. I was all ready to write a mushy post. But within two minutes that was gone and in its place was real life. Aaron gives me a time check at how long I have before we watch a movie. Carole comes in here being a nut, trying to make me laugh. Which of course she was successful. For the last paragraph I was laughing so hard I could hardly type. If I could just describe how my dad's facial expression made me and my sister want to fall on the floor laughing, I would do so.

This post is nothing that I had envisioned when I first started it. Because of that I have to change my title. So, what is the meaning of this post you may ask?

That even on the craziest nights were you want to pull your hair out or put ear plugs in your ears, or want to leave the madness, you can't live without the people you love the most!!!


Morgan said...

This was funny, Ginger!
I can definately relate to this post in the way of interuptions and such. I love my three younger brothers, but they can get really noisey....especially when I am trying to write or make a phone call. :)
Thanks for this post, it was a good to read! I hope you have a good day today.

Stepheny Weaver said...

Sympthy Ginger, Sympathy. lol:)

I love the Walton's. We have all the seasons!


Anonymous said...

this is so funny! You are really blessed to have such a close family to make you laugh and smile on a regular basis! =)

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Cute post!!