Friday, May 2, 2008

24 hours is just not enough...

Lately I have realized that the day just flies by way too fast!! I get up, go to school, get home, chat about my day, surf on the net, watch TV, eat dinner do some scrap booking which yes I have gotten totally into!! And then the day is over. It's eight minutes before nine!! ALREADY!! I'm tellin' ya, way too fast!

I still have to find something to wear for tomorrow! (An award ceremony some of my mom's art students will be presented with awards galore.) And I have to look dressy\casual. The rudeness of it all! So, here I am in my jammies ready to fall asleep. No exaggeration at all I am beat!! And I still have nothing to wear!!! Do you feel my pan??

Batteries for camera charging:CHECK
Outfit to wear: YA RIGHT
Flip Flops: Golden Sparkle check....or should I wear my black high heal shoes?? Mom distinctly said she did not want us showing up looking like refuges. An excuse to wear heels...hmmm...who do I think I'm kidding I always wear heels!
(Anyhow back to my check list.)
Laptop all ready to go for the ride? And you thought I would leave this at home?? What if the building has wireless? I could give all my bloggers a play by play of the ceremony.

Believe me my check list is not this short but it's making my head hurt just thinking about it. So, back to I so don't want to get up in the morning thing!!! I am so tired!!!

Okay, no more stalling. I need to face my fears and find something to wear!! I really should...okay I am really going...really, I! You see, I'm gone. I'm really not typing really...Oh, man do I have to get off? I'd much rather blog about absolutely nothing than find something to wear!! *SOB*

Okay, I'm gone....for now...


stepheny weaver said...

Hey Ginger,

Have you been onb that blog yet? Just wondering. Oh yeah, is there anyway I can email you? I want to ask you some questions to put you in my best friends book. Thanks

Bethan Louise said...

Hope you have a lovely time... yeah!!! You wear those heel's girl!!!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha! I agree, you definitely should wear the heels!