Monday, May 19, 2008

Hi to All!

Wow, it blows my mind how fast the time goes. I can not believe it's Monday again! Mimi is feeling so much better compared to how she was feeling last week. I have no idea what I am going to do for supper tonight. Last night me and Mimi decided we would order in and had some delicious sandwiches.

I was able to see my brother, Stephen, and sister in law, Liz, yesterday. They came over to the house to see how Mimi's doing and to bring her a washing machine. Her old one died. Of course something didn't work so Stephen has to come back later and fix it. It's so exciting to think only a couple more months and my little niece will be born.

I haven't done any scrap booking while I've been here. I brought all my scrap booking things, but just haven't had much time to do it. I still want to straighten up the island in the kitchen that I haven't done yet and believe it or not but I think the sink is actually empty!! As my four year old nephew would say... "WoooHoo!!"

I also wanted to bring your attention to my cousin's brand new blog. He is very excited about it. I am trying figure out why it won't let me put a new template on it. Hopefully I can figure it out. Anyhow, go check it out and leave Kyle a comment. He will be glad you did.

Well, I will be getting off for now.


Mom said...

Hey sweet one,
Glad you got to see Stephen and Liz. Really glad Mimi is feeling better. I'm sure there are more dishes by now!

Love and dishwashing liquid,

Mom said...

We forget your user name for Blogger. I want to leave Kyle a message, but can't. E-mail us.

Congrats Kyle, on your new blog.

Love, Aunt Susie

Stepheny Weaver said...

I love Kyle's new blog! It is really cool! :)

But then again, everyone knows that I like reading gross things............*spiders*........:)O.K., never mind! lol:)Anyway, just thought I'd comment!


Events In The Life said...

Hey Gigi,

Thank you for the post about my blog! Mimi and I had gotten the island clean and sparkle shine for a while, but when I came back from your house it was GROSS AGAIN! (still trying to get over that) And thank you for taking turnes with me on cleaning the sink. Hope you enjoyed the sandwiches. Great blog and great posts!