Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Omelet that went WAY wrong!!

Today I decided to practice my "homey" skills. If you are regular reader on this blog then you know in that area there is much to be desired. I had a craving for an omelet. A nice broccoli and cheese omelet.

I took out the frying pan,butter, frozen (Very important detail in this story) broccoli and cheese. Wait a minute. There is something missing in this list of ingredients. Oh yeah...I also took out the eggs. Oopps!

A small white cereal bowl welcomed all my ingredients in it's deep round surface. I mixed it well with a fork. Watching the yellow yoke swish around the chunks of cheese and broccoli, I threw in some garlic salt for good measure and I was all ready to cook.

I turned on the burner, melted the butter, watched it dissolve into nothingness and then I poured my eggy mixture into the sizzling pan. I turned down the burner and watched it turn slowly into an egg looking pie with green trees popping out.

I went over to the kitchen table and logged onto the Internet while I heard my egg crackle and pop and no there was no rice crispies in it. A couple of minutes later, I checked the omelet and decided it was about time to fold it.

Well.... the sides started to cave in like the red sea right after the Israelites got safely onto shore. I pulled the spatula out so quickly as if the heat from the pan burnt me personally. I looked at it with a perplexed look on my face. What to do? I thought.

So I delved in the second time. By this time mom was in the room watching me. She decided to help. Of course I had done too much damage to the poor egg, so she basically half folded it. Of course by the time it was on my plate it looked like egg mush.

It will taste the same mom assured me. I poked my fork in the eggy mush and put a steaming piece of broccoli into my mouth. Let me tell ya, looks can be deceiving. Ahh...ummm eeek!!! It's frozen. Yuck it's frozen!

Needless to say the frying pan that was just placed in the sink got washed went back onto the burner and was welcomed by a half bitten omelet.

So how was my lunch? Filling.


Anonymous said...

hahahah...adventures in the kitchen! I always have a hard time with omelets for some reason...

Funny story!

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Good girl for trying!!! As I type this, I have biscuits in the oven............practicing for my future life with Christopher. :)