Thursday, May 15, 2008

All My Ducks in a Row.

Or something like that... I never said I was great at quoting sayings. As I sit on my bed listening to an artist on the television paint his master piece, I am thinking about what I should be doing or what I have already done.

I haven't made supper yet. I am not sure what I am going to do tonight. I am thinking about hot dogs and beans. Speaking of dogs I need to go let them out. (A little updated version on this sentence it looks like we will be having McDonald's tonight that will be easy:)

The shells my sister brought over last night were delicious. She wasn't able to bring the boys. They were tired and restless, so they stayed home with daddy.

I am sure every single bloggie buddy of mine will want to applaud for me when I say I finished the dishes!!! THANK YOU!!! LOL... Although some how I really don't know how it happened, but I am almost sure when I went by the sink today, I saw more dishes! Excuse me while I sob.

Last night I was so happy I was done with the dishes before midnight. I put on my pj's,brushed my teeth and read my Bible and was already to settle down. I put on a Cosby show episode and lay down in my bed. Mimi ,who I share the room with, was looking at catalogs and stuff while I watched some TV.

All of the sudden I saw the most creepy looking spider that I am almost positive came from Africa or something. I watch it struggle to stay on it's web it climbs up it falls back down it climbs up it falls back down. I am getting nervous now. I look over to Mimi. "I don't want to freak you out, but there is a spider above your legs. Well, needless to say the spider was climbing down again. I think Mimi got up the fastest I have seen her this week.

We were about to find another room to sleep in when the spider was crawling down the web fast. I don't know where this bravery came from. I prayed I wouldn't miss it while I climbed on the bed grabbed a paper towel and smooshed the spider with all my might.

We then climbed back into bed and were able to sleep in our room with out having to fear for that creepy spider!

I really need to close for now.


Anonymous said...

Hehe! Just so you' know, sleep better and time I woke up and there was a spider on my FACE!!!

Yeah, double gross!!


I'm glad you got the dishes done. :D

stephenyweaver said...

Very funny!

(we have a dishwasher)lol:)


Anna Joy said...

I LOVE your new layout!

Anonymous said...

Your new layout is very cute!

I HATE spiders - or anything that crawls - with a passion! I grew up in the desert and believe it or not, we had scorpions - many many times! EEEEKKK

Mom said...

I am so glad you had a moment of bravery and saved yourself and Mimi from that dreadful,African sprider.Just think,if you weren't there Mimi could have an infected spider bite to add to her troubles. You are my heroine!

Love and miss you bunches and bunches,Mom

Mom said...

I love the new look of your blog!

Mackenzie said...

LOVE your new layout!! Where did you get it!!??

haert2home said...

Cooking meals? Doing dishes? Now...squishing s-p-i-d-e-r-s? You are a perfect example of a girl who really loves her Mimi.

Seriously, your sacrifice for another's comfort and honoring your elders is exactly what Christ asks of all of us but often our selfish priorities show otherwise. You are such a blessing.


Tiffany said...

Yea! You got the dishes done! Okay in all honestly the dishes are never really "done". Only for a brief moment and then BAM there are more dishes! Oh and I have a spider. A tarantula. Her/his/it's name is Kitty. I hate it and wish it would die. Dwayne likes it and the girls think it's cool so we keep it. Yuck!