Saturday, May 3, 2008

Everyone Listen Up!!

I have another blog I want all of you to check out! My Aunt Carol started an Xanga site and it's great! She is one incredible, talented artist and has posted many of her drawings. You can even find one of me!! You will probably recognize a couple of other faces that you have seen on my blog from time to time.

So check it out and leave her a comment!! I know you will really enjoy her site!

The award ceremony went well. *Grin* When I am a little more awake and don't have to get up for church in the morning, I will share a humorous story with all of you!! Hint: It's about the ceremony you know the one that I just said went well?? *Smile* You'll see...or read I should say.

I am heading off to beddy bye. Everyone have a great night!!

1 comment:

Bethan Louise said...

Eagerly aniticipating!! Did you wear yourt heels??