Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Birthday,Maddie!!

I still remember when your mom put you in my arms, your head full of hair snuggled on my arm. She whispered in your ear while I was smiling down at you, "Ginger, will be babysitting you."

Just a few months later I did just that. I taught you what lip stick was before you even cut your first tooth. When you got a little older our favorite game was to count the steps on your front porch.

Woody, (From Toy Story) was our favorite doll to play with. I could make him dance,talk,laugh...We had a blast.

My purse was our thing. You would see it and know that it was okay with me if you took every article out.

In nursery you were my favorite, but don't tell anyone okay??

Now, my Maddie, you are the big 8. I can hardly believe it!! The hugs that greet me when I see you takes me back to the church foyer when I held you for the first time...
Maddie, I LOVE you!!! Have a great birthday!!


haert2home said...

Once again, you made me cry. (sniff, sniff)

Morgan said...

Happy Birthday, Maddie! :) I can't even imagine how fun it must have been to have Ginger babysit...Cute post! I loved reading what you both did together through the years.