Tuesday, February 26, 2008


(Big Groan) I have written this post half a million times since yesterday afternoon. One thing after another has made me stop or pause or even restart this post. Even though I am on my February vacation, I still keep busy. This week I am spending my school free days with my Mimi. It's been a blast so far. We are planning on going shopping sometime tonight. That will be an adventure I am sure.

If I put on my makeup before I publish this, I may even have some pictures for you. But no promises on that one. I just took some bites of my sour pickle I have in the fridge. Mmmm that was good. I just love a good ole sour pickle to brighten up my day.

I can't believe it is already Tuesday and I have let my bloggie buddies wait this long for another post. Well, my biggest news this week besides staying at my grandmothers is, Mackenzie and her family had a BIG surprise for me when we went over to their house this past Sunday evening.

I had brought my laptop over their house so Mr.H (Mackenzie's dad) who will be affectionately known in this story as Dr.Laplittle, could put a new hard drive in it. My laptop is old and didn't have much space for pictures and other stuff, although I still loved it in spite of that fact.Anyhow I was quite excited over the prospect of getting a new hard drive so I could have more space and was thrilled Dr.Laplittle was working on it.

He told me it was almost done and I wasn't worried about it I was having fun chatting and laughing with everyone else. Just a few wee minutes after his first announcement that it was almost done, he and Mackenzie went upstairs together. I thought to myself that maybe my laptop needed a second opinion.

When they came back down, I looked over my shoulder to see that Dr.Laplittle had a laptop in his hands, but it did not appear to look anything like mine.

My first thought that came into my mind was "That is not my laptop." another thought... "What happened in surgery? Something must have gone wrong or...right?" Okay so I was confused, very confused.

This black top silver all over laptop that is almost brand new, was practically in my grasp. Looking at the faces surrounding me, and the smiles that were on them, gave me some clue that they were serious, and that this laptop was mine!!!

After a few squeals and squeaks that came from somewhere inside of me, I croaked out. "Are you serious?" The laughs and nods confirmed it for me.

Yes, they gave me a beautiful laptop with loads of features including a DVD player inside of it. Pictures will be coming soon.

Side note: Dr.Laplittle came from Dr.Doolittle I thought that was a creative name if I do say so myself!


Mackenzie said...

I'm glad you like it Ging!!

Serena said...

Ohhhh, how fun!!! A new computer - how exciting!! And I totally agree with the pickle part...I just love pickles! :)

Carole said...

Well,well,well.....Did you save any of that pickle for me??? I hope so!!!..lol.... Oh and I love that name dr.Laplittle..That is so cute!!!did come up with that all by your little self? I am so proud of you!!!
Missing you!!
Hmmmmm I can't think of any new nick names you have given me...
well any way.... With Love,

Tiffany said...

That pickle looks good!!! That is really neat that you got a new computer. I wish I had a laptop. Okay that is sad - I don't have an ipod or laptop but my 11 year old does. What is wrong with this picture?

haert2home said...


That is one prime pickle! Where did you get it? They are not that plentiful around here, you know!! Love the laptop post but must admit I was so distracted by the pickle pic that Mr. Lapdoodle will definitely be going on an errand tonight!!

Your pal in pickles,
mrs. h

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Wow!! What a blessing!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! A new laptop! How cool!!