Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Princess With An Edge: Part Two

I started this story last week, when I couldn't think of something to post. I was hoping people would continue the story but only one blogger did it, who was Courtney. I was glad to see her part of the story and thought it was great.

So I am going to continue this story and hopefully by tomorrow afternoon when I come home from work, I will see more participant's comments in my comment box!! LOL...Thanks Courtney for your part...I continued from Courtney's and now you can continue from mine and if there is already a commnet or comments in my box continue from the one above yours. Remember keep it clean!

One bright morning, a fair maiden came into her castle. Her name was Lacy and she was adored by all. She had riches galore and more shoes than she knew what to do with. Her hair was glistening red and almost looked like a bushel of strawberriess.

When she smiled people said the sun would shine brighter.But there was one unpleasant thing about Lacy. She had a temper, one mean temper. Although most people didn't know that about her. Most people thought she was a gem.The only people who knew were the people who served her in the castle. They could tell you the exact time and place she would blow....

Her nose.....her temper, I mean. One dreary day, early in the week, a strange sensation filled the air; something was not right.

Suddenly, with little or no notice at all, it happened....AGHHHHCHOOOO!!! All the servants jumped and immediately knew that the princess had finally blew it.......her nose, I mean. Reaching for another tissue, the princess groped only in vain for alas, the Kleenex box was empty.

With cheeks all flushed and steam arising, she let out a holler and the servants trembled and cringed at the thought of the wrath to come; their dear princess had finally blew.......her temper, I mean...........

her nose. Although she couldn't because there were no tissues. So she ran with all her might to the nearest restroom. Her gorgous satin, blue gown flew behind her as she reached the pale white door. She opened it with fury and dashed to the vanity where she found a gold plated tissue box. As she grabbed a cotton soft tissue and whiped the nose in question, she turned furious eyes to her loyal servants who watched her from a far.

"You!" She pointed one slim finger at a petite maid with her brunette hair piled upon of her head. Her black and white uniform was crisp and ironed. She tried to stop the shaking in her legs. "Why didn't you refill my kleenex box?" "I....I..." She stutered. "I...I what?" The princess hollered.

Right before the princess could tell the young maid she was fired, something happened. Something no one expected...


Julianne Yamane said...

Hello Ginger,
I'm sorry I don't have time to add to your story (looks good so far!), but wanted to let you know I just found your comment on my post. Of course I remember you!...well, more honestly, I remember the blessing you were to me and Hallie. We were in that corner booth where the door kept opening and closing and she'd crawl straight for it each time it opened :) She was getting tired of our little "square" and needed some activity! Still does! :) ha. Yes, I remember you walking her back and forth, letting her crawl to her heart's content. It was so beautiful in New Hampshire! That conference is a precious memory. Thank you again for serving our family! I am so glad you found us too! Where is that website of love stories you mentioned? I faintly remember giving permission for the link to our website, but never got a chance to see it for myself. Unfortunately we just cancelled our web subscription to the ryanandjules site. It was costing us to keep it open, and we've switched all current events over to xanga now (free!). Anyway, great to hear from you. Say hello to your family from the Yamanes!

Mackenzie said...

Happy Valentines Day, Ginger. To the rest of you too!!!

Anna Joy said...

...she sneezed! And again, and again, and AGAIN!!! "I think I'm getting a cold! Cancel all my appointments for today!" she yelled and stalked back to her room. The poor little maid sighed with relief. Saved by the sneeze! The princess had forgotten to fire her!
Meanwhile the princess lay in her princess-sized bed (Bigger than a king-sized, even) and waited for one of the servants to come take care of her. "They HEARD me say I had a cold! Why is no one up here to see that I'm comfortable, bring me chicken noodle soup, and wipe my nose?" It is a very well known fact that princess's should never be forced to wipe their own noses when they are's far below them. Not their nose...the action of wiping. So the princess lay in bed getting madder and madder, and when the maid finally opened the door and came in with her soup, she had the horrible misfortune to spill it all over the white carpet! The princess had been very angry before, but now she was FURIOUS!!! Suddenly, something happened that made her forget her anger...the maid opened her mouth and said the most astonishing thing...,..