Monday, February 4, 2008

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

After a home cooked meal at my grandmothers, watching the downfall of our precious Patriots loosing to the Giants and a lovley ride to and from our families abodes, I would have to say we had a memorable weekend.

We rode back this morning sleeping just for a while on the way and stopping at Burger King where I was almost sure I saw Rodney Griffin from Greater Vision (A Southern Gospel trio.) However, I then realized that most likley, he wasn't applying for a job at Burger King, which this man was doing, so it was a short lived fantasy.

We went to the church that had been our home church for a very long time before we moved. It was nice to visit again. After evening service, we headed to my brother's house to have a super bowl party that ended up being a funeral service. Of course, I was on my brother's laptop for half the night and playing games the other half. So, I really didn't see the Patriots loose, but man, did I hear the mourners!!

So, I really did have a good time and one great thing about the Patriots loosing is that all their gear will be half off soon!!:)

So, this is the part of my very exciting post, that I close.


Morgan said...

It sounds like your weekend was great, and very enjoyable! Sometimes doing the simplest things like having home cooked meals and games are the most memorable. I hope the weekend rejuvenated you for the rest of this week! Thanks for welcoming me back into the blog world...

Tiffany said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself. Our weekend was busy too with Grace's birthday, church and superbowl party.

Anonymous said...

Bother!! I just wrote a whole big long comment and it deleted it. :P I was saying... :)

You are so funny! I thought that was hilarious about "Rodney"! lol I thought I saw him one time in a Cracker Barrell. It was in/near his former hometown, so maybe it was him, I don't know. Maybe there's just a bunch of people who look like him?! lol

Oh, and just because you think we see so many "famous" people (:)), a friend of mine did see George Amon Webster (formerly of the Cathedrals) in the mall one time and talked to him. :)