Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Funny Story!

This morning I got up for school and did my normal routine...make up...clothes...breakfast...etc. When I was waiting for my ride, my brother decided to tell me a very humourous story that happened just a few, wee minutes before I got up.

Thumper is my cat (my little baby) when he isn't trying to bite through my nylons while they are on me, like he was doing two minutes before I started writing this post!:D

Well, my sources tell me, this morning he was being quite a rascal! He pulled "October" off of my velcro calender I have in my dayhome. While my dad went to retrieve the month, pulling three puzzles off my puzzle rack as well. Thumper scurried into the kitchen to find the tuna my dad had in a bowl that he was going to make a sandwhich with.

Although, as my dad found out very soon after he gave up the search on October, that he would not be having Tuna for lunch.

There Thumper sat on the table eating his tuna. LOL

I thought that was great!


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Anonymous said...

Too funny!
Cats can be so aggravating sometimes, but when they're not, they're nice!

Jen said...

I love that you have a cat names Thumper! :) Funny story! :)