Monday, February 11, 2008

I've been "Aunt" tagged

I’ve been tagged! Morgan Denise has tagged me to tell 10 things about Patrick and Devyn that only an aunt knows.

1.Deyvn is such a happy baby who loves to smile and laugh. His chubby cheeks turn a bright shade of red when he gets tickled to death.

2. Patrick is a goof ball. Who loves to make his aunt do things that she would only do for him. Like make a complete fool of herself, playing puppets with a unique accent.
3. Patrick has this habbit of going completly wild when he is around a camera.
4. Patrick and Devyn are both so adorable when they are sleeping.

5. Patrick is very patriotic

6. Devyn loves to eat! His Aunt Ginger loves to give him pickles and watch him make faces and ask for more.
7. Patrick loves to cook. His faviorte thing to make is stuffed shells. While he makes them, he puts one" seceret" ingrident in. He shared it with me. He licks every shell before it goes into the pan.YUM!
8. Patrick and Devyn may just be two of the cutest boys ever!!

9.Devyn was born on Thanksgiving day. What a blessing he is!

10. Being an aunt has suited me just fine. Leslie (My older sister) and brother in law Joe are the parents of these two adorable babies. Come July (My birthday month) My older brother Stephen and sister in law Liz will make me an Aunt again. Preferably on my birthday!:)

I can think of one other Aunt that I know of besides Morgan Denise and that is Jessica. So if you are an Aunt feel free to do this tag. It's quite fun!!


Anonymous said...

Those pictures are soo cute!!! Your nephews are adorable!!


Anna Joy said...

Oh, okay, I will do this tomorrow or when I need something to post!! I have 8 nieces and nephews,,,so I'm sure I'll have plenty to say! :-D