Thursday, January 10, 2008


Bed...oh, just the word coming from the tips of my fingers sounds delightful. I have been home from mid-week service for a few hours now and still haven't found the comfort of my bed. Lunch already packed and my outfit already picked out. I ask you, bloggy people, why am I still up??

I guess the true answer is I needed to write a post on my little nook so I wouldn't have guilt in the wee hours of the morning while getting ready for school. Nothing too enlightening happened today to interest anyone, though.

Hmmm...I need to leave you with something profound, something to get you through the night or morning or whatever time of the day you may be reading this. But what, my dear friend, what should I say??....zzzzzzz. Oooppss...Sorry about that. I fell into a very uncomfortable slumber for a moment. I am afraid on top of the laptop is a horrible place to fall asleep!!

Yes, I am afraid, I have to admit that I am just trying fill in some space, trying to pull the wool over your eyes and make you think your reading a very long thought out post. But, unfortunately I am failing miserably.

So, I am going to say goodnight!

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Anonymous said...

Lol! Goodnight! ;)