Sunday, January 13, 2008

Double Trouble

*Ginger*Okay Carole, we have to make this quick we have to get ready for church soon.

*Carole* Yeah...yeah okay....even though we don't have to leave for almost two hours. But whatever!

*Ginger* Carole don't you give me that sass girl! We are going to make a neat post for my blog we are going to talk about how fun it is to be sisters.

*Carole* Fun? Really fun! lol...I am just kidding dear, of course we have fun. Remember that time I pushed you off your bed? Now that was fun!!

*Ginger* Let's not get into that again!! Let's discuss how lately everyone thinks we are twins!

*Carole* I don't get that we look NOTHING alike. Everybody knows I have the better looking eyes.

*Ginger* (Rolling her eyes) Well, if we look nothing alike, why did that salesperson, yesterday, ask me if we were identical?

*Carole* She was a blond...oh yeah so are you! Oops!!

*Ginger* Meanie!!! Also everyone at my work sees our faces on my desk and asks if we are twins!!

*Carole* Dear, did you mention that your viewing audience at school is a bunch of five and six year olds!

*Ginger* Carole...I have told you that even teachers have wondered!

*Carole* Well...I don't know...but isn't it time for you to get ready for church??

*Ginger* You are trying to get rid of me. It won't work!

*Carole* Let's not forget one little thing we also have been getting the dreaded question for you. Am I older???

*Ginger* Oh, now you've done it. I am feeling my blood pressure rise! For everyone who is reading this very intriguing post. I am two and a half years older then this trouble maker!!!!

*Carole* Trouble maker?? I am just pointing out the truth!! You know it's wrong to lie...I couldn't say that everyone asks if I am your daughter.

*Ginger* Ahh...well then I would be frightened if some strange person came up to me and asked if my eighteen year old sister is my daughter. I might be more scared than I was of crazy Altoids, acid lady.

*Carole* LOL....Is it tangy yet???

*Ginger* (Shutters)

*Carole* I had a weired dream last night. Do you want to hear about it?

*Ginger* Oh I would, but we are just out of time. Maybe another time okay sweetie?

*Carole* was about Obama. He became president talk about shutters.

*Ginger* Oh dear not politics. Carole be quiet, okay nice chatting!

*Carole* Not so fast I have to end this conversation. Now, to all Ginger's blogging friends or just readers that come by but don't comment. We have a job for you let us know if you think we look like twins? Or if I look older!

*Ginger* Carole....

*Carole* I said I am ending this!!! tell us what you think!!


Anonymous said...

:) Sisters are fun, aren't they?! :) I think you guys look sorta alike--not quite identical, but you look like sisters. ;) lol My sister and I have been asked quite a few times if we're twins and also if we're identical twins. (And she's more than 2 years older than me! ;)) We don't mind (we think it's funny!), but we don't really see it either. :)


Ginger said...

Yes, it's great to have sisters. Me and Carole really don't mind either when people ask (we were just fooling around on this post) we also think it's funny. Although, with the whole age thing...that is when I am like I am older and don't you forget it!! LOL...

Mackenzie said...

hey my dear friends. you guys look like sisters, not twins, just sisters. But Ging, don't stand directly next to Carole, that's when you look younger, (whispering: cause you're shorter than her.)

Ginger said...

I just need to let you know I am exactly one whole inch taller then Carole. You just can't tell anymore because Carole has been wearing more of a heal then me. If you can believe that!!