Tuesday, January 8, 2008

One of those moments

Do you ever have one of these moments? You actually have time to blog, you want to blog but, every word, every subject, every tad of information you want to spill out on this blank white sheet on your computer screen just freezes in your brain?

And whatever you had been thinking about writing all day (in my case, while hugging a child as I pass her in the hall or eating ants on a log with a bunch of children) disappears as soon as you set up your laptop on your kitchen table, wait for it to load, and then see the Internet cross before your eyes.

Doesn't that just drive you insane?

Although, I love writing about nothing in particular. Especially when it actually turns out alright and I have comments to prove it! It's almost like a big surprise package. I rummage through the old files in my mind, trying to pick something, anything to entertain, inspire, or make my reader giggle.

A blog is so fun to have. When I daydream about being a writer, I can just hop on my blog and write a post. And then sometimes within minutes, other times hours, sometimes even days, I get to hear from my readers. A smile appears on my face when I read that my trip to the grocery store made them fall on the floor laughing, or how my experience on a normal day of school brought chills to their hearts.

Most of all I love sharing my faith. I love to be able to talk about my Savior so freely on my blog. How He saved me from the depths of hell when I was a little girl in a Sunday school room. How I knew when I prayed such a simple prayer that my life had changed at that moment.

I think I am pleased at how this post came out even if I didn't have a subject in mind. I was still able to share One of those moments with you.


Anna Joy said...

I need to tell you something! :) I am having soo much trouble seeing the purple font on the pink! Therefore, from what I got of this post it sounded lovely, as usual, but I can't say anything to meaningful cause I couldn't see a lot of it! :-D

Ginger said...

I am sorry Anna!! I will have to change the color. I was wondering if people would have trouble reading it. I could see it with no trouble but I know it's different with everyone.
Thanks for telling me!!

Anna Joy said...

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! I can see your blog again!!!!!! I'm so excited! :)