Saturday, February 25, 2012

And the week is over...

I love that feeling when the last class is taught and the last child is in their parents car riding down the road and the realization that vacation is upon you.
I love being in front of that blackboard I love teaching to my hearts content but I also love having a break.

My winter break flew by so fast.

I spent my week at my Mimi's house. It was so nice doing that. I haven't spent a whole week down here since the summer time. I enjoyed each day fully.

A couple of my friends came down one day and we journeyed to the city. We always have fun adventures.

Wednesday I went to prayer meeting with my sister and brother in law at their home church which was also my home church before we moved years ago.

My cousins came earlier on Wednesday and we had a fun time together. Of course for most of my week I spent with my Mimi we always have fun laughing, enjoyable quiet times and just knowing that each other is in the same house makes our heart smile.

I got to play with my nephew Liam he is a love bug and half. His brothers were having a fun time at my house while I was down here. We were all enjoying our break.

Of course, any trip I ever take I miss my Jeremy. He is my love and my joy. I can't wait to have his chubby arms wrapped around my neck in a hug later this afternoon.

I have also been enjoying a good book this week ohhh, it has been ages since I have been able to sit down with a book it's been VERY nice.

Tonight we are celebrating my parents 25th wedding anniversary. Their wedding date is in June but with Carole's wedding a few days after their anniversary the party had to wait.  And then my dad ended up in the hospital. So now in February we are having their anniversary party. It's going to be a fun night.

Pictures to come soon!

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Steph W. said...

Can't wait for those pictures!
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