Friday, June 24, 2011

The wedding...

I know it has almost been a week since the wedding but please understand I have been so worn out. Even though school is out and have so much time for myself I still couldn't think about blogging or even changing Carole's room into my room until today.

The wedding was amazing and because of my foolish dial up the only picture of the wedding you will see tonight is the picture on my header unless dial up surprises me you won't see more pictures until I find me some wifi somewhere.

Until then I am going to do my best and show you the pictures through my words.

Not the words from the father of the bride or the mother, not the play by play by the groom or the bride.

You are going to read the words from me the sister, the friend, the maid of honor.

Friday morning started like any other, Carole's hand in my face as I tried to convince myself that I had five more minutes of  sleep. I tried to block the knowledge that she would be a married woman next day but it was hard.

The house was a buzz of activity floating around doing small jobs as was I milling around trying to do my best at not thinking I was doing well until Carole asked me to help pack her last suitcase. "Carole I can't cry!" "Ginger, we need too." "Carole if I start I won't be able to stop..." As tears piled in my eyes. "I'm going to miss you!" We both said as we clung unto each other. I couldn't believe she was leaving my best friend was getting married.

As we tried to dry our tears I said. "Remember when I was a way from home for two weeks for the first time and we made friendship bracelets..." She nodded her head "Maybe we should both wear one of the bracelets I made so we won't ever forget one another.' (Yes, we are now being dramatic) Carole smiled "And we can wear them to the rehearsal..." (And yes we ended up wearing them to the wedding as well)  We smiled, laughed and started the rest of the day.

The rehearsal was long we landed in our beds pretty late that night and the emotions were a little to much for me and I was sick all night long. It was good though it gave me plenty of time to pray and cry and throw up and pray some more and cry some more and then wake up ready to be a maid of honor.

The day was here and I was good until Carole and I made plans to still text and say goodnight that night even though she wouldn't be home. So yes at that point tears were shed but then we were good and we headed to the church.

Where hair was done nails were painted, giggles were shared and memories were made. Hours felt like minutes and all of the sudden I was in my gown. Lapis with a touch of  light purple my honey blond curls landed down my back my grandmother's locket hung on my neck and I was set to proudly stand behind Carole and witness the day we talk about for years the day my sister would say "I do" to the love of her life to her prince charming.

I walk back into the room where the bridal party stood some of the brides maids had tears in their eyes  others were finishing make up, hair or other important things but my eyes swung to Carole where she stood in her white gown her white flower sat so proudly on the side of her hair as her eyes swung to mine.

I caught my breath as I gazed at my sister. "Don't cry" I laughed "I'm not crying!" Carole glared at me with her chestnut color eyes "Yes, you are. Don't cry!" I cleared my voice. "I promise"

The clock struck two it was time. The grooms party dropped of the two ring bearers (Aka our nephews Patrick and Devyn) and they went on their way. Carole asked me to explain one last time to the ring bearers and flower girls what exactly to do I then peaked out the door saw the usher he nodded and I said "It's time."

The brides maids lined up just like they practiced I stood at the front of the line to give the children their cue I then went to the back gave a big sigh and prayed I wouldn't cry.

I couldn't believe it was my turn already to go down the isle. I tried not to look at anyone when I did my eyes would fill up. I stood next to one of my dear friends who was also in the party and we watched Carole and my dad...

The ceremony was beautiful.

The kiss was a treasure. To be able to witness their first kiss. Was plainly amazing.

The reception was enchanting.

The goodbye was "bubbly"

My sister is now married.


stepheny weaver said...

What a beautiful description Ginger. You definitely have a way with words... but I could tell that you were talking about it from your heart...
You almost had me crying girl!
Thanks for the sweet post! Carole looked beautiful!

Love you

Jessica said...

How sweet! Sounds like it was just beautiful!!