Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Night.

I am going to keep this short tonight.

I am sitting on my bed. Listening to Carole explaining that I don't wear any of my "cute" clothes. She is trying on a dress I bought last spring asking me why I didn't buy a small.

Hmmm, apparently she wanted me to wear it on my head because a small wouldn't cut it. But, a small would fit her perfectly. *Smile* The girl makes me laugh hard she is now. Relaying to me that my lamp is so bright and just when I went to write that my light bulb blew! Too funny! We started laughing as I huffed saying now I will have to find a light bulb and she said "I can see again!" *Laughing so hard*

Well, we are in pj's and watching a Disney movie. Ahhh I feel like we are seven and nine again! It's great!

I just love my little sister.

Wedding plans are coming out well.

Did I mention my dress came in??

It's so pretty!

Lapus purple.

I am also shower planning! It's proving to be so fun!!

You all have a great night!


Anonymous said...

Too funny about the nightlight!! :) (And the dress her size. ;) hahaha)

Maybe you should model your dress for all of us blog-readers who won't be there on the big day! ;) That way we get a "sneak peek". (Just kidding...sorta. ;))


Where the Green Grass Grows said...

I have not commented in a while,thought I would stop by and say hi. Those late night laughs are the