Friday, January 21, 2011


I believe I was fourteen years old when I realized deep in the core of my heart a dream was forming.

I remember I was sitting on the couch with my Winnie The Pooh slippers donning my feet resting them on the trunk that served as as a decoration in the middle of our living room. My fingers were decorated with rings as my hair held many butterfly clips and I sat there a picture of early teen syndrome. Oh, come on don't tell me you weren't a victim of fashion don'ts. I think every teen girl goes through that time when they feel they know it all including the latest fashions. Of course, what I was saying with my fashion was what not to wear but we can explain all that in another post.

I remember watching a show and a commercial came on. Everyone has seen these commercials in the past. An older gentlemen walking the street of a forsaken country holding a hand of an adorable boy as the camera takes a close up at his bare swollen feet walking on the rock covered dusty road.

My heart did a belly flop thing as my eyes finally saw the commercial I had seen a million times before my ears finally heard what the man was talking about and my heart grasp passion and hope of adopting and has never let go.

I have mention a million times over my desire to adopt.

And as of late I have been more vocal about it.

It's not just a dream anymore it's a goal that with God's help I will meet.

I believe God has placed this hope in my heart for a reason.

I believe God has given me a mommy's heart for babies with no homes.

When I was fourteen a dream was born. I remember getting things from Compassion in the mail. There would be pictures of children to sponsor at the time I had no job and could not sponsor but I could pray. I would post the pictures on my bulletin board in my room.

I remember Carole coming up laughing wondering what I was doing and I would say Carole one day I am going to adopt. A few months ago I mentioned adoption on Facebook and Carole wrote this on my status it melted my heart.

"I remember when you first told me you wanted to adopt....i think it was the day when I saw that awfully sad looking picture of this little girl from "feed the children" hanging on your wall and i asked why in the world did you have that in your room and you told me that you were going to adopt a little girl like that one day. I think @ the time I thought you were NUTS! lol! But now I understand what you meant. :) I LOVE you Ginger the Lord has given you such a sweet gift you will someday make a wonderful mommy to a little boy or girl who needs to be loved! I just know it!!!"

I just started reading this book it's called Choosing to See. And I didn't think I could want to adopt anymore than already did until I started reading the words this incredible lady penned on paper. I said to my mom. "I now want to adopt even more." I feel it even stronger I know this is what I want and what God wants me to do."

My mom said to me "Ginger, I know one day I will have many beautiful grandchildren from all around the world."

I have had people laugh at me when I share my heart about adopting. I don't know if people realize they are truly laughing at my heart when they shake their head and give me a patronizing smile.

I don't think people often think for a second how they would feel if they were in that position. I know I am learning that lesson now not in adoption I have always wanted adopt. But in other things life has thrown my way lately it's one thing no of a situation and have compassion but it's quite another to be going through a trial yourself.

I wanted to post this today because today on yet another snow day I have just been pondering about my goal about, my love for children, and about thinking of love. And I just wanted to share it with you.

So, what has been your dream?


Anonymous said...

Ginger, I think that is WONDERFUL that you want to adopt! I think adopting kids from different places would be so fun! :)

I've been praying for you and your family as I've been reading the blog posts lately.


Anna Joy said...

Aw I loved this post Ginger. My family adopted from a third world is SO a life changing experience for everybody involved. I'll never look at a bus kid or a child from a broken family again without seeing my brother. God really used him in my life to build a longing to love the unloved. And this is a long comment. :) :)