Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I decided to welcome everyone to my blog!

I know some of you are long time readers but I thought I may just have one new reader this evening that needed a big ole hardy "Welcome!"

Once again I have aloud my blog to slipped away from my fingers I tried grabbing it many times but it somehow escaped my grasp. I honestly love blogging. I love getting away so to speak and sit at my desk, the floor, my bed, the couch and just blog.

Just me and my lappy. (laptop)

With, school, friends, family,trips, other responsibilities and of course at the moment a really good novel I can't put down my blog seems to get put on the shelf like every one's favorite childhood book Corduroy. That poor little bear who just wanted to be loved by a human. SNIFF!

I sometimes lay in bed ready to fall asleep and all of the sudden I start thinking how many days ago was my last post?

So then there is nights like tonight where I just want to blog.

What about you may ask?

Nothing and Everything.


My bed room is a mess

I have been reading instead of cleaning

and I painted my toe nails purple.


Jeremy is now 10 months old

Carole is getting married

Aaron is all grown up

Mom and Dad just celebrated 24 years of marriage

My birthday is next month

And in closing...

I am working on a fun post that should be published sometime this week.

Keep your eyes peeled.


Steaky said...

coool, can't wait!!! ....although, the peeler is rather painful on my eyes....

Anonymous said...

I SO know the feeling with not getting blogging done. :P

And purple toenails?! That's a color I've never done! :)

Jeremy is 10 months?!?! Wow.