Monday, June 14, 2010

...Welcome Summer...

Yes, indeedy summer vacation is here! I have had a wonderful and blessed school year. I had another class with students filling my heart with love and joy. I have enjoyed every minute of it and I have grown as teacher and a person. But I am now officially on summer break!

I am so happy about it! I have already been down to see Mimi and I was able to see my new little nephew Ryan. He is just adorable! I am already filling my planner with summer plans getting together with friends and other neat stuff!

AND OF COURSE, planning for my little sisters wedding, showers etc.. I AM SO LOVING being the maid of honor. I am just so happy for Carole and Mark. Carole is one of my besties! I love that girl!

So tell me your summer plans...

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Mackenzie said...

Carole is your bestie!!! Uhhhh...what about ME!!?? I mean she's only your sister, I'm so much more!! LOL

(btw can you send me that list I told Carole about?)