Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hello From Big Moe

Hi everyone! My name is Big Moe. You may remember me back when Ginger first started blogging. She would always whine that she wanted a laptop. Never fully appreciated how helpful I was to her.

To think she would use my keyboard, look at my monitor, and kick my tower! I would never complain I just enjoyed her company. But then one horrible day she was given a laptop and what happen to me you may ask?

I sat in the classroom just waiting for the day she would come back. It's like she didn't even care that the dust that fell on me gave me allergies or that the cat sitting on the top of my monitor gave me a head ache. She didn't care that every time I saw her with her... "Lappy" it would bring tears to my eyes. Sniff nope she just instead enjoyed being able to move room to room with Lappy by her side.

HOWEVER, when her laptop let her down guess who she would come crying too?? Just guess??? Yup, you got it... me!!! And I would always be happy to let her start the tower and get me running again.

Well, once again Lappy is under the weather as you can tell from Big Moe's intro. :) I guess I have to break down and buy a fifty dollar cord for my laptop! SOB! I knew it was bound to happen that all that electrical tape holding it together would one day let me down! But that day came sooner than I wanted sniff!!

So, while I wait for my cord (That I need to order first) To come jumping to my door I am back on Big Moe. Of course as much as Big Moe thinks he is so trust worthy. Let me tell ya he's not! He freezes on me and turns off on me it's just not right!

And yes, this is why I haven't blogged since my cord died. It's just very hard to blog on this computer. However, I am not complaining I am glad I have old trusty big Moe he is better than nothing!!

Well, I am going to end for now mainly because I'm afraid it's going to freeze before I can press "publish"

So, faithful bloggie peeps leave a comment tell me how you are doing!!

Blog Later,

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha! That was hilarious!! :) Glad it works enough for you to blog. ;) Sorry I haven't written in eons--I feel terrible about it!