Saturday, June 5, 2010


Last night, I fixed my make up, put on my new dress, brushed my hair, put on my shoes, and put my earrings on I looked in the mirror for the last time took a deep breath took one last sip of Dr.Pepper and walked to the church with one of my students at my side helping me carry some gifts and other things I was lugging to the building.

One of the little graduates were already there with a silk white dress she explained later to me that her grandfather picked out for her. (Which I thought was just adorable) When I went in side I walked down the isle as my dressed swished and swayed I placed the diplomas, the flowers for the mothers and the gifts on the table with a black table cloth. I couldn't help but look at it afterwards and thought I can't believe I'm doing this I can't believe I am now the teacher. I watched my kindergarten teacher and my mom do it for years ALWAYS imagining myself in there place. Little did I know I really would be the teacher one day.

I was so proud of my students. They did such a good job.

I then was touched. When my mentor and friend, and (teacher who trained me) walked up on the stage and announced that she was retiring and I would be taking her place (Which I already knew but it was so touching the way she spoke about me) It was also neat because I felt it was official I am now the kindergarten and first grade teacher! I am so excited about next year!

One little boy came up to me and gave me a bouquet and a gift. I was so touched. He is such a tender hearted little boy, I had him last year for k4 I was so excited when I heard he had gotten saved during Christmas time and last night my mentor talked about that before he went up to get his awards and he sat there next to me listening to her and he started crying! That is how tender hearted he is! My heart MELTED and I almost lost it while I gave him a tissue!

Another moving part of the graduation was when we honored the teacher (my mentor) who was retiring. For the last month I had been going around the school and church having all of her former students signing some cards for her and then I asked a teacher who had her as a kindergarten teacher present the cards and a bouquet of flowers to her.

I also was so proud when I walked down the isle with my graduates last night and was able to smile and get a big smile back from a few of my current and former k4 students who were attending the graduation! I was just so proud to see them there watching me! I love them!

All in all it was great night.

I will blog soon!


Mrs. H said...

I knew it would be wonderful! What an amazing privilege it is for me to be able to stand back and just watch the Lord continue to give you the desires of your heart.

I am so very, very proud of you.

Now, where did I put those tissues?!

Jodi said...

So very very proud of you!!! :) I know you are a great teacher -- you truly love and care for your little ones!! What a special night!

Anonymous said...

Don't have time to let the all of the pictures load tonight so I'll come back and comment on them later (the ones of Jeremy), but I just had to comment on this one. Sounds like you had a FAN-TAB-U-LOUS night!! :) Sooo sweet!!! I enjoyed reading about it all!!!