Friday, June 25, 2010


My heart is breaking.

A sweet seven year old boy went home to be with the Lord last night. He had CF and I didn't know him but after I read his mommy's blog I feel like I know home.

I am asking you all to pray for this sweet family.

I wrote this poem a few years back for CF moms.

Mother’s Prayer

It was like a dream come true Lord, when I first held my newborn son. Do you remember how I couldn’t stop thanking you for the precious blessing you had given us? I was scared when they told me and my husband that our son had a disease.

But I prayed Lord, you know. I prayed that he would be healed despite what they say.Months turned to a year and every day he has gotten worse. Lord how can this be? He’s my son, my baby son. I know his every move, when he cries and when he laughs. He fills my heart with pleasure and the dreaded truth.

Every moment, every day I pray Lord, I pray. For one mighty touch on his precious heart to make that disease go away. I watch him decay away and my heart cries for this to change. Lord he gets worse every minute of every day. PLEASE MAKE THIS DISEASE GO AWAY!Lord, I am sorry I just can’t accept that this child in my arms will soon draw his last breath. I fall on my knees and other days I praise, but, days like these I rant and rave.

Every moment he lives is a testimony to you. And one day soon I know he will be with you.On days when I can’t get over the truth I think about you. I see the cross and your Son on that tree. Yes, you had to see him leave. Then my heart screams with joy for I know because your Son had to die for our sins and rose again.

I will be able to see my son healthy and whole again.I must admit, I know I will have to be reminded again how much you love me. For when I see my baby in his crib I ask you Lord, why does my son have to die?Written By: Ginger

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