Tuesday, February 1, 2011


"What Country have we been learning about that is in Africa?"

I asked my students as I sat on my stool my stand in front of me the skittle jar opened the radiant rainbow colors glistening the jar calling the students to answer the question correctly so they can place their small hands in the clear antique looking jar and pick one yes one yummy skittle and the satisfaction that they did a job well done.

A toe headed little boy squirms in his seat as he pushes his glasses back on his face while he raised his hand. "Yes?" He smiles clear his throat his eyes were on the prize. "New York!"

"Tell me one thing you like about school?"


Being a teacher is not a job it's a privilege.


Mrs. H said...

Isn't it the best?! What a joy to see you collecting your own Forever Stories of the Heart. :)

Anonymous said...

How many Skittles did they get for answering that you're their favorite thing about school?!?!?! ;) So sweet!!


Jessica said...

That's so sweet!