Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Carole

I am on my laptop, so the pictures will have to wait until another time. But since my sister's birthday is tomorrow, on Christmas day, I might not have the chance to write a post on her actual birthday. So I needed to pay a tribute to my adorable little sister and I thought this would be a great time to do it.

What can I say? She is my sister, best friend and just a pure delight to have around. I love you my Carole (Moosie) lol....*Kiss* *Kiss*



Mackenzie said...

Cabbage? Of all the cute sister nicknames, you chose Cabbage? Ok then.

Ginger said...

LOL...Mackenzie...I knew some one would mention that.

Cabbage is my nickname Carole gave me after watching a movie where the husband referred to his wife as Cabbage and so she decided to name me Cabbage. (I am still not sure why)

So, then one day I was mad at her for some reason but couldn't come up with a negative name to call her and Moosie just spat out of my mouth... and we both started laughing like nuts and for then on we have been "Cabbage" and "Moosie"

As you know our nicknames change for eachother like I change my shoes so we'll let you know when we have some new ones.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Carole! :) Did you parents plan on naming you "Carole" before you were born on Christmas?! :)


Sis. Julie said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Carole!!

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Happy belated birthday to Carole!
Hope ya'll had a great Christmas!!

Mackenzie said...

Ging! NBM!!! Oh, Happy New Year!!