Saturday, December 15, 2007


I am really sorry about how long it has taken me to update! The Christmas season is in full swing at my house. We went to the Christmas concert at our church last night.

They were so good!! They sang absolutely beautifully. When the choir started singing "Oh Holy Night" You could here sniffles all through out the church. It was really great.

I also enjoyed seeing some of the children from the school. It's just the greatest beyond greatest feeling when children come up to me and ask if I can go down stairs with them or if I like their dress. The pride that engulfs me when I see four of my students recite Bible verses in front of the church overwhelms my being.

Tonight, the sixth movie from the Love Comes Softly series "Love's Unfolding Dream" airs on the Hallmark channel. I think the first one was the best, but I enjoy all of them. So me and Carole are down stairs. (I am on my laptop) We are watching the fifth one right now "Love's Unending Legacy." The newest one will follow this one.

Alright, I will end for now. I hope all of you are having a wonderful Christmas season!


collegegurl said...

wow u've got alot of great interesting...::::D

Sis. Julie said...

I love those Love Comes Softly movies. Kristina has read all the books and we are working our way through the movies one by one. The sad thing is when they just "have" to put a curse word in them. They did that in two of them already. I'm looking forward to seeing the latest on "Love's Unfolding Dream". We don't have cable and we don't watch tv so someone is recording it for us so we can watch it. Kristina says they aren't anything like the books. But then when are they ever like the books...right?

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

We're fixing to send out our family's Christmas letter and I was wanting to send one to you. If that's OK, can you please leave your address by a comment on my blog? I won't puplish it for others to see.

Tiffany said...

I missed our Christmas musical at church. I was supposed to sing with the choir but things didn't work out. I haven't seen Love Comes Softly movies but now I want too.