Sunday, December 2, 2007

Catching Up!

It's about time. I know. I am sorry I have let my blogging buddies wait so long before I logged on to my account and wrote an exciting post! If it's any consolation, I have thought about my little corner on the web a whole lot and have been planning to grace you all will my presence every day, but, just haven't had the time to do it.

Isn't it great that Christmas is now in the air? December second. I can't believe it's this time of year again, already!! I haven't even begun my Christmas shopping. Yes, I am a big procrastinator!!

Do you all want to hear something??? Oh, okay, then I guess I won't tell you....I am just kidding...okay here's my news. This past Friday when I walked up the stairs to the elementary floor, the secretary and a high school teacher both looked at me and said "So, you are going to be a teacher today?" I looked at them and said "Not today." They laughed and said "That's what you think!" (I really thought they were kidding!) They weren't. The third and fourth grade teacher was out sick. So...yup I was the teacher!! lol...It went well. I was a little hesitant when it came to it's been a while. But it went okay...Mrs.H, can you imagine me doing third and fourth grade math???LOL

Well, I need to give a special shout out to Jessica...LOL I am so sorry I haven't posted my day home pictures yet. I have been meaning to. I will get those posted soon!! Thank you so much for tagging me I will be doing that soon.

Okie dokie, it's time for me to sign off for now.


Mackenzie said...

love the backround!!!

haert2home said...

Of course I can picture you teaching third and fourth grade. You're a natural!! Who knows, God may be moving your dayhome into a classroom for a while. Just a thought. :)
Mrs. H

Jessica said...

Hey Ginger... I will forgive you this time!! LOL!! Just kidding, It's really ok, I just thought I'd keep reminding you. :)

Jessica said...

...and Congrats on getting to teach!! How fun!! :)

Anonymous said...

That's funny that you ended up teaching...!! Cute new background too, by the way. :)