Friday, November 25, 2011

Tis The get greedy....


So I decided to be one of those wacky people and leave the house at nine to be at the stores by ten last night. I really had in my mind that the streets would be clear that no one in their right mind  (Besides me)
would be going out so late to go bargain I mean shopping. Well, guess who was wrong? Yup.!!!

I think it was the light the same size of Goliath shinning the night sky like the star in Bethlehem that was my first indication that I might have been a tad bit naive.

We started at the mall the mall. *smile* the mall that I thought no except me and my family new was open. HAHA! The parking lot was PACKED! I'm telling ya it was ridiculous. Every body and there second cousin twice removed was there. Pushing their rear ends in tiny places and knocking half the people and the clothes rack down with them.

There were firefighter on every corner singing way off key holding a boot hoping you would place a quarter or two in it for the children's foundation of course many people couldn't even see the boot because too many people were busy climbing on each others backs and fighting to get in the store Coach.

The certain mall we decided to grace ourselves in had a deal if you were the first 200 people in line you would get a ten dollar gift card. Well Carole and Mark was in line first because I thought they were nuts and we were too late well I was wrong Carole got one of the last gift cards. Aaron and I tried again at 2 in the morning. If you were one of one hundred you could get 20 dollars gift card. Well, I guess they started early because we hit 2 o clock and that was only four remaining and about 50 people in front of us. No gift cards for us.

Walmart was a zoo. There was not a carriage in sight. The DVDs were picked ten time over. I ended up finding The letters to Juliet and Gone with The Wind. Two good movies. I went over to my favorite isle the toy isle and man alive if the prices I saw were great black Friday deals then I am six feet tall. Another words the deals stunk. But it just wouldn't be black Friday if I didn't get my baby brother something. So, I got him the little people jeep and a mickey mouse and a plane.

Jeremy loves little people you know from Fisher Price? He has so many of them but enjoys them immensely. This past week while I have been home we have been going over who is who in the little people land. I have named them all (Naming them each after a family member) and the most funny part? He remembers each of them! I am not even kidding so when he decides to throw one in a cup of water on the table (favorite past time) He will cry "Mark....please..." Of course that means he threw his little person we deemed "Mark" in the water. The boy is brilliant!

I wanted to get him the zoo as well but at the time thought I was going to Kohls after so I needed to be wise with my money. However, Carole called me and both her and Mark was at Kohls and they said the line was wrapped around the store about three times and she was guessing about three hours before being rung up. Ya...I was good I decided the hours long wait at Walmart was bad enough to get my few treasures. It just wasn't worth it.  Even though, I really wanted to get some tights at Kohls. I don't like white tights I would feel like one of my students if I wore white to school but I love the other colors and the other styles and they had them for 6 dollars which was half the price. But I really didn't feel like waiting in line for my tights!

While we waited in line at Walmart I went to Dunkin Donuts to get myself some Ginger Bread coffee it was a good idea at the time but by three o clock when I got home I regretted it I was so tired and so wired with the coffee that I couldn't get any sleep.

Needless to say the bags under my eyes this afternoon are not extra shopping bags from last night.

I love the lights, the music the knowledge that Christmas is coming soon but I hate the greed. Not everyone but so many last night cared more about getting to the next store then about the elderly lady with the walker, or the mom carrying her newborn they cared more about getting their foot in the most popular area then about the two year old holding on to his daddy's hand. The people seemed more in love with saving a buck then about anyone around them and that my friend is greed.

We had a lot of fun but seeing the world around us is discouraging. So no I didn't get much last night and yes I am sitting in my little living room wondering if I should have even bought was bought. Trying to decide if I should return something. But I don't think I am going too. :)

I might get online and see what bargains I can find on there. I won't be frightened that someone is going to step on my toe! ;)


Roberta said...

I have to agree with you, Ginger. When I read about people pitching tents outside of stores days before the sale, I just cringe. Imagine, choosing to spend Thanksgiving Day huddled up in a tent waiting for a good deal on a flatscreen.

I wonder what those who actually have only a tent to go home to at the end of the day think of "bargain camping".

Anonymous said...

lol -- I love the way you write ... I can just picture you trying to shop without getting stepped on !! :) I stayed home and shopped online -- much safer! lol

Love your new blog header too -- very cute!!