Saturday, November 19, 2011

If I labled... posts I would put this one under princess complaining again.


I like to think of all God's "daughters" princesses yes we are not perfect by any means but if we asked Jesus into our heart and meant and believed it then that would mean we are the Lord's daughters and there for we are a princess being our Father is the King of Kings.

I sometimes act as a spoiled princess as I fold my arms and sit at the edge of my bed pouting. Just brewing about that dreaded word. "Single"

You know being single is not a curse it truly is a blessing. But I don't always see it that way.

I would be a liar if I said I never day dreamed about my prince, if I never cried out to the Lord asking Him where mine is.

When I want to act like a child I can be pretty good at it. "Well.....she has a prince.....where is mine? Haven't I waited long enough?"

Of course my heart is always humbled when I hear that still small voice say. "....know that I am God." Why should I worry or fret? God the true one and only God is at my side? He knows how many hairs are on my head and He knows when that prince will show. Or even if I will have a prince at all.

My legs get tired as I hop on that one slipper waiting for God to supply the other to that Charming prince but while I hop away I do see the blessings and the many reasons being single right now is fine.

However, on those days where I sit and I pout the blessings and reasons and facts just don't seem enough to my weary heart and those are the times where I want my prince the most. Where I think if I see one more engagement on facebook I am going to scream. Even though I am uber excited for the new couple, even though I am probably the first right after the wedding writing on the wall begging for pictures but it also is disheartening at times.

Why am I writing this? Well, I like being honest I like being down to earth. So, there it is. My

I have written many single posts in my blogging time and I always say the same the thing that I also gets old hearing at times but it's the truth. A very big truth that all of us single people need to hear when your heart starts whining.

"In God's timing."


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