Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We Love You Ginger!

Hello everyone!  This is Mackenzie, one of Ginger's many friends.  I have been wanting to give our one and only Ginger this Blogiversary gift for the past month....but unfortunately life and my job got in the way.  But I finally had some spare time...at 1am...to do this blog-over for her!

We all love you Ginger and we wish you a Happy (belated) Blogiversary!  Hope you like it!

Your faithful 'bloggie peeps' and Mackenzie : )


Sophie said...

woah! this looks great!

Jodi said...

How cute !! Love the new look!! What a fun surprise gift, Mackenzie ... you are so sweet!
Yes, Happy Belated Blogiversary, Ginger !!! ;)

Megan.Margaret said...

weird...my comment didn't go through yesterday.

Happy blogiversary!!

Jessica said...

It's BEAUTIFUL!!! :)