Monday, May 23, 2011

26 days

26 days is a little to soon for my liking. I just can't believe that it's now 26 day till my baby sisters wedding.

I enjoy when people write on my blog and tell me they like reading my nook on the web because I am real.

I do try to be very real on my blog and even though I choose to be private in some regards and only give you the tiny bit of light to a situation and say pray I still define as being real. Because who really wants the whole world knowing everything about everything? Not me that's for sure.

Although, there is other things that I share where I turn on a lamp to the subject instead of a candlelight.

One of those "lamp" type of posts that I have been sharing more often is the fact that my sister is getting married and now that we are down to the wire I have a hard time just going in her bedroom.

The tears threatened to come when my seven year old nephew Patrick came into my room and stared at Carole's in the next room. "Why is Carole's wall's empty?" I had been sitting on my bed relaxing from Aaron's graduation party but as soon as I heard his voice I looked at his sweet face. "Cause, she is moving hon..." I said while I bit my bottom lip. "When she marries Mark?" He said still in his tiny voice. "Yes, bud." He fingered with Carole's butterfly beads that to my dismay she hung in our "shared" doorway years ago. "You know Aunt Carole said I could have these when she gets married." I laughed under my breath picturing Patrick (All boy) going down stairs on the day of Carole's wedding with her butterfly beads. "Yes, hon I remember that." He smiled his cute Patrick smile and looked back at her room. "Will you make this a play room for us?" I smiled and said "Sure, hon I will put some toys up here for you guys." "Thanks Aunt Ginger."

I really hope I am not boring all of you with my ramblings but I need to write, I need that outlet that healing bond to my heart.

I have promised all of you for months of updates on the wedding I honestly don't think I realized how busy I would be. So these are a little late but here Carole is sending her wedding invitations out a few months ago.  One of these day I will have to show you a picture of the invite! It's beautiful. Hint: the same designer who does my blog did her invites!! ;)

Here she is picking out ribbon and other fun stuff for the day of her wedding. I can't hardly believe how fast time is flying. Our Maid Of Honor and bridesmaids dresses are finished and they look beautiful.The hairdresser who is doing Carole's hair has been working on it today.
Soon you will be seeing pictures of the big day I can hardly believe it!

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Anonymous said...

That picture of you two is so cute! And wow, that ribbon place--how fun!! It'll definitely be different, no question there; (you know I understand that!), but at least Carole will still be nearby! I *really* need to email you--sorry!!!