Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Water Works Begins Now...

Oh, wow I think now it has finally hit me.

My childhood is over.

This baby is graduating high school on Saturday. My sweet humble brother who is now an honorable man of God.

This sweet toothy grin girl is going to be saying "I do" on June tiny month...

And this girl...the one frowning at the camera is holding on to every little memory she can.

And here we are now. With one added blessing our family's true keepsake that keeps us on our toes and our smile always on our faces.

My dear friend Mackenzie surprised me today with my blog makeover and her sweet message. I soak it all in and seriously I felt like I was going to cry!

I know...when did I get so sentimental?

I think it was the pictures on the top we all looked so old even my Jeremy.  And in that moment it finally sank in our childhood is gone.

My mom always told us to cherish being a child. "You can only be a child once." She would say. I would always look at her like she had ten eyes and said " I know." Inwardly I was thinking well when will it be over? When will I be an adult?

I am here to say that being an adult is not all that great. Oh don't get me wrong I have a blessed life and I love it fully. But I sure miss my childhood days.

I miss the feeling of being up at 11:00 at night and feeling all grown up. I miss the way the wild flower would tickle my nose when I smelled it. Or the way I felt in my daddy's arms.

I miss being the boss big sister to Aaron.
Or Carole's hero when something went wrong.

I miss our late night sleepovers in the sofa bed in the living room with popcorn somehow landing between our toes and fruit juice splattered over our summer pajamas.

I miss our screams and our giggles.

I long for the days where I cuddled on my mom's lap as she stroked my hair or the many sleep overs I had at my mimi and Papas.

Instead...I am here.

Forced to look at the bedroom next to mine being invaded with moving boxes. Seeing furniture we used to share being brought over to the apartment that will be hers in a month...

Stuffed animals being given away to charity, dolls being bubbled wrap and stored clothes being in bins and I look at that old familiar room where the memories are taken over my brain and I think "How?" How could my sweet Carole be old enough to be married. How is it that my kid brother is graduating high school? How is that I am older enough to have a full time job?

I now understand it. Mom, I finally get it. We only have one childhood.

               Don't rush it. 


Roberta said...

Don't worry, Ginger. I'll be glad to indulge you in re-living your childhood whenever you want. I can't seem to picture you any older than 12 anyway. Come on over to the Land of Denial. Barbie's will be provided. <3

Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures!! And I love your new background too--so pretty! Oh and I love the fonts too. lol And I miss you too!!! :) We HAVE to catch up soon. Can't believe you're down to ONE MONTH. Crazy!!!!!