Thursday, April 9, 2009


I am so tired. However, I needed to show you an update on the mural.

BIG NEWS: I found an Easter dress today!! It's always so hard trying to find an outfit I like for Easter but I found one and I really like it!!:)

Oh, also while I was out I found this adorable lime green purse it was so pretty! However, it cost $38.00 it's better than the original price which was $89.00 but I just couldn't purchase a purse over $20.00 it just was not going to happen...but...sigh I so wanted it!:)


Megan said...

Oh that is SO cute! Yea for the Easter dress! I know what you mean about it being hard to find...I'm still looking!

Jessica said...

Congrats on finding an easter dress!! I have ALWAYS had a hard time finding one that I like. Of course it's even harder now that I'm pregnant, so I decided that there won't be a new easter dress this year. :( But that's ok, I'd rather have the baby than a new dress!! :)

Anonymous said...

The mural is just way tooo cute!!!

I can't believe the prices of some purses!! I splurged and bought a new bag to take to art class just this last was only $15 but that's more then I've ever (I think) spent on a purse (even though this is a big bag) so I was hesitant to pay that much...but I'm really glad I did since I just looove it. ;) lol

Are you going to post a picture in your new dress?!


Jodi said...

Thanks for posting the new picture ... I LOVE it ... your Mom is so talented !!!!!!!

Please post a pic of you and Carole in your new dresses !!!!!! :)